Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heaven must have meat carvers....

This photo is titled "Life is Good Great."

There's just something about grilled meats....think satay, barbecues, kebabs, hotplate beef etc. The smell, taste and even pure thought of grilled meats make me salivate...almost a primal instinct.

The meal started off with mini cheese bread. Pop and they're gone.

A salad bar offered cold salads, pasta and grilled vegetables. I like the potato salad that provided a creamy carbo counterpoint to the never-ending flow of meats. Yes, balanced diet. Moohahaha.

There were also hot items like stews and rice. See? More yummy carbs.

Then suddenly, all of heaven opened and meats floated around from table to table. Seriously, the Brazilian beef hump and butterfish were seriously seriously good. The beef hump was succulent, juicy with streaks of fat and slightly gelatinous flesh, and fragrant with lightly roasted exterior. The butterfish was tender, firm and fresh with flesh that flaked at a gentle prod of the fork.

There were also beef rump cap, sirloin, tenderloin, turkey ham, chicken heart, chicken, leg of lamb etc but the beef hump and butterfish rocks.

We ended with an icy chocolate dessert...

...and a tart one.

But seriously, the Lime Caipirinha is as good a dessert if not better.

Check out the colourful ceiling. Senor Santos' ambience is casual, intimate and energetic. Perfect for meat ups! Seriously. But babitarians would miss pork as it is not featured here.

Note: Churrasco buffet is only available for dinner. $39.80 for adults, $18 for children up to 12 years old. Salad bar buffet without churrasco is at $25.

Thanks to Sara Kuek and Senor Santos for the invitation and for hosting this hungry cow.

Senor Santos
Block 3B
#01-12 The Foundry
Clarke Quay
Tel: 6336 7741
Opens: Monday-Thursday: 12noon-2.30pm; 4pm-12midnight
Friday-Sunday & Public Holiday: 12noon-3pm; 4pm-2am
Note: Churrasco is only available till 10.30pm

Chew On This:

Got grass!! But this grass area is used for bands and performances. It would be quite interesting if the entire floor is covered with grass....even pseudo grass. Moohehehe.


Unknown said...

You did not chew on the grass right?

Even tho it is fake, it does look appetizing for cows?

The Hungry Cow said...

Keropok Man: Moohehe. Nearly did!

Camemberu said...

So this is where we are going for our next Meating!!! :P''' Hey why never show more flesh?? I mean the beef hump, butterfish, leg of lamb...I guess too busy biting into them?

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Haha. So clever! Actually churrascaria makans quite hard to take photos cos e meats come one at a time and at intervals....unless I stockpile on my plate and tahan. That would be torture! :p