Monday, October 11, 2010

YES 93.3FM 美食鉴定团-ing at Southbridge Jazz@7atenine

Here in the second last stop of YES 93.3FM 美食鉴定团's current season, we headed to Southbridge Jazz@7atenine.

For some reason (Southbridge I think), I almost headed to Boat Quay! But it is really in the Esplanade.

Southbridge Jazz@7atenine in the day is bright and offers lunch bites at its al fresco cafe. But I suspect it is at night that Southbridge Jazz@7atenine comes alive. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available and a live jazz band takes the stage indoors! It seems like a nice spot to chill. Dinner can be had here or if it's a post-dinner chillout session, grab some tapas to share and keep greedy ones happy while one sip cocktails, swirl wine or chuck down cold beer.

Here's a glimpse of their new tapas menu that is launching on 15 Oct:

Lamb Ribs ($13.70) were drizzled with sweet chilli mint sauce and though I found them to be on the gamey side, the sauce did a good job of balancing it and making sure that the gaminess was not overpowering. Superbly tender!

Next came the 7 Mushroom Soup ($9.70) which was pure comfort. Warm and with a heady aroma, it had little chewy mushroom bits for a bit of texture. Do remember to stir in the foamed milk though. However, I found it pricey and the burnt sticks of bread didn't help either. At this price, a few drops of truffle oil wouldn't hurt.

Tomato Salad ($9.70) was a medley of st marzano, cherry on vine and momotaro tomatoes with basil pesto, mesclun and balsamic cream. The different varieties of tomatoes made this salad interesting. If I could toss hot sphaghetti or linguini into this and drizzle on EVO, it would be awesome!

Speaking of pasta, the Linguini Prawn ($13.70) arrived. Described on the menu as "wok fried with seafood broth", one cannot help but have Hokkien Mee on one's mind. With curry leaves, the chef tried to inject an Asian feel to the ang moh noodles. Overall, unfortunately this didn't appeal to me much. A case of too subtle flavours and too bland alkaline/sodium bicarbonate-treated prawns.

Then came the moment that this hungry cow was waiting for- a fellow cow on his plate. The Grilled Beef Fillet ($17.70) featured a steak (which was ok) but was outshone by its sauce- a deeply-flavoured beef stew that was very good. In fact, warm bread/buns and even bagel with a bowl of this sauce would make my stomachs very happy.

Last savoury tapas was Saikyo Cod ($15.70). The doneness was good, leaving the fish oily and tender. A healthy and tasty option.

A sweet ending to the tasting session came in the form of Churros ($7.70). Crispy, almost hollow sticks coated with cinnamon sugar and dipped into nutella dip.

A range of cocktails are also available. From Mojitos (not in picture) to Seven Island Tea, Coffeetini and Lychee Martini among others. For those who do not take to strong drinks or prefer a "friendlier" drink, these cocktails would be perfect. Else, for myself and most alkies, I think a stronger alcholic punch is badly missed.

A bunch of happy people at the end of another successful 美食鉴定团!

Thanks to DJs Jiafa and Junli for having this cow at 美食鉴定团.

Southbridge Jazz@7atenine
#01-10/12 Esplanade Mall
Tel: 6338 0789
Opens daily: 5pm till closing

Chew On This: Catch 美食鉴定团 on Wednesday at 6pm to hear my broken Mandarin more about it and win a chance to join us at our last outing for this season!


Camemberu said...

Ordinarily I would have drooled at the lamb ribs, but after the churrascaria, I cannot look at meat anymore for a while...

Oh this must be the mojito you mentioned today...

Looks like a fun outing though!

Hamster said...

Hi - been following your blog quietly.

Just FYI, 7atenine's prices are actually higher because they assume you're there for the live jazz bands as well. No cover charge for that on weeknights, or if you order a minimum amount of food and drink ($25 I think) for weekends. So if you take that into consideration, that's why the prices are steeper.

You should have stayed to listen to the jazz if you're a jazz fan. They're usually quite good.

Disclaimer - I don't work for them and I'm not related - just a jazz fan.

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Haha. Yea, meat over kill! Indeed, this was a fun bunch.

Hamster: Good point though I feel that jazz should be a value-add rather than a reason to up prices. Thanks for bringing that up anyway. And yes, I hope to catch their jazz one of these days. :)