Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Good Meal to A Good Start

Hello dear blog! This cow has been busy with work at recent events and as usual for periods like this, I eat and sleep to regain strength and blogging will soon follow... now. Moohehe.

Anyway, Boss set dinner to meet the rest of the team at Pamplemousse. It was a cosy, enjoyable dinner with very good food.

The Prix Fixe Dinner Menu ($48 for choice of main either with a starter or dessert).

It was a simple choice. This cow is not quite a sweet person...but I am savoury. ;P

For my starter, I had the Salmon- citrus marinated salmon, pamplemousse confit, Saikyo miso aioli, croutons. It was tender, smooth flesh with the delicious flavour of salmon and citrus.

The Beef "Bourguignon"- 36-hour braised short ribs, red wine, bacon, mushrooms & pearl onions, kecap manis, mashed potatoes, Guinness froth. All that spelt freakin tasty! Instead of semi-disintergrated cubes of beef, this was a whole slab decent enough to be a 180g steak. It wasn't eat-with-a-spoon tender, but tender enough with a nice bite. A little gelatinous too. I didn't quite decern the kecap manis but I guess that's the idea. The flavours all came together very nicely.

And that's what every team should strive for- synergy.

I like the uncomplicated flavours and hearty portions here. The salmon might be almost good enough to be a main for some!

Pamplemousse Bistro + Bar
7 Dempsey Road
Tel: 6475 0080

Chew On This: For those into set lunches, there's a $32 3-course one here! I will be back to check that out.

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