Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saybons = C'est Bon

After visiting At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy thanks to Cheryl, we ended up at Saybons for a small bite.

Heard plenty of good things about its soups and crepes by its Le Cordon Bleu-trained owner. What used to be a small stall with about 3 seats is now a small shop space with about 4-6 small tables.

The apparently limited number of seats is no problem with their handy packaging- a disposable paper cup for soups and a paper pocket for crepes. Perfect for a bite on the go!

But for dining in, the paper cup was substituted with a plastic mug. The Seafood Bisque ($4 for regular size) was very flavourful with crustacean, seafood and vegetable sweetness. This is one hearty soup that won't induce jalak-ness!

This is their Bacon Avocado Tomato Crepe ($4.90). A thin crepe that was nicely soft with a crispy edge wrapped the filling of freshly-grilled bacon, thin avocado wedges and tomatoes. It was simple, delicious and light.

Those with a bigger appetite should order their focaccia breads as an add on. Pay an additional $4.50 to any crepe order to make it a soup combo. This gives you a choice of a regular soup and either a fruit, packet of chips, iced lemon tea or 2 slices of focaccia.

Oh and there's escargots (previously not available before Saybons expanded), salads, and sweet crepes with ingredients like nutella, strawberries, rum & raisin banana!

But for this cow, this was a neat snack and dinner beckoned. So the escargots and dessert crepes will have to wait for the next visit.

#B2-32 Plaza Singapura
Tel: 6884 9018

Chew On This:
Check out the wall paper! The raised outlines of the buildings give a sense of depth and added dimension.


Jer Lin said...

argh if only i didn't have a meeting then, i'd have been able to join you guys! you forgot to mention that saybons uses varlhona chocolate for its crepes (:

Camemberu said...

wow so fast you post nowadays! :D

The Hungry Cow said...

stargirl: There's always a next time! Oh yes, I should try their dessert crepes the next round. Varlhona choc crepe sounds fab!

Camemberu: Moohaha. :)