Monday, September 13, 2010

Fried Chicken Time

Yes yes yes. Fried stuff are unhealthy but once a while, the craving for fried chicken hits! Then it's time for Ikea's chicken wings and cze char stalls' har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken).

Here's another option- Texas Chicken.

I visited the Expo outlet on a weekday lunch and it was pretty quiet which makes it a perfect spot to chill out, study, enjoy a quiet lunch, hide from the boss.

The 2 Piece Meal ($7.40) comprised two pieces of chicken, a side, biscuit and a drink. I ordered two meals to try both the Original and Spicy chicken.

The Original chicken was very good. Fried till its skin was crispy while its meat remained tender. The chicken tasted fresh and well...original. :p

The Spicy chicken was similar but with a spicy kick. However, skin-wise, it was the Original that was delightfully more crispy.

The biscuit was scrumptious- buttery with a good play of salty-sweet flavours.

The side of Coleslaw was refreshingly crunchy and as the veggies were not shredded to smithereens, there was a better bite.

My other side of Fries was alright though it could have been better if it was really hot! Rather nice potato flavour.

Jalapeno (70 cents) was also available for those who enjoy its spicy, tangy flavours. Personally, I didn't think it went well with the fried chicken. I would gladly have chilli sauce or ketchup, please!

Having had the fried chicken at a popular fried chicken fast food chain both in Singapore and KL, I think the fried chicken at Texas Chicken gave me a much better least for this visit.

Texas Chicken
Singapore Expo (outside Hall 4)
1 Expo Drive #01-42
Tel: 6789 4174
Opens: Monday-Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11am-10pm

Chew On This: If the oil is hot enough, fried food need not be excessively oily. Like good tempura...expertly fried and not queasy greasy! The fried chicken here was pretty well fried. :)


Camemberu said...

Jalapenos! So rare to see!

The original and spicy versions look equally crispy! Ah, I must go and try both!

KopiKosongGirl said...

2 meals?!?! Wow! Ah..but the cow can also eat a good meal of chicken :P
The biscuit certainly looks good. I never ventured to try this place when at Expo, but after this, i might!

Unknown said...

I might just go and taste that Jalapenos!

Expo is so so so far away....

Ian Low said...

be seeing a lot of positive reviews for texas chicken recently, i am guessin it mus be worth checkin out ...

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Think locals still not very familiar with it.

"Sambal: Woohoo!! Japalenos: Huh???"

Tex-mex element this pepper gives.

Momo: 2 fried chicken meals would be sinful! I am no longer 16 years old. Lol. I shared this with hungrycowmummy.

Keropok Man: Didn't know you are so into jalapenos! Texas Chicken has another branch at United Sq but i haven tried the food there.

Ian Low: On the contrary, I noticed reviews of the United Sq outlet on HGW hasnt been very positive. But to each his own. Best to try it for yourself! :)