Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fremantle in Singapore

It seems like the world is coming to Singapore. Barely weeks ago, we welcomed thousands of participants of the recent Youth Olympic Games to our shores. Quite a few celebrity chefs have set up restaurants at the IRs. And now Fremantle from Perth has also found itself a cousin here. Btw, that reminds me. I have not finished my Perth posts!!!! Ahh!!!!!


Perth's Fremantle is a harbour town full of maritime heritage, art, a famous market, seaside restaurants and pubs. It has a certain laid back, arty, zesty feel that flows through it. Charming.

The Fremantle in Singapore is located at Clarke Quay perhaps to mimic some of that lively seaside riverside feel.

Family ended up there to continue birthday celebrations.

Dad and I opted for the Set Lunch ($15nett) which was excellent value for money! Ordering two Set Lunches enabled us to try different items.

Starter was a choice of:

House Salad (Decent with mesclun leaves and cherry tomatoes tossed in creamy red wine dressing.)


Seafood Minestrone Soup (Very decent with a soup brimming with seafood and tomato flavours.)

My main was Premium House Batter Fish & Chips. Fresh white fish encased in a slightly thick yet light batter, the fried fish fillets were pretty good. Note: This comes with a side salad so opt for the soup as a starter!

Dad chose the Roasted Barramundi Served with Garlic Pesto Pumpkin Risotto. While the fish was tender and tasty, the risotto was a let-down. Its texture was too mushy for my liking.

To end off the Set Lunch, the Dessert of the Day was a small cube of cake. The top chocolate-dusted half was alright but the white bottom halve with its custard-like texture didn't appeal to my family. Oh well, I hope they do have other cakes as their Dessert of the Day.

Ok, now that we are done with Set Lunch, let's move on to the other stuff we tried.

The Sashimi Plate (3 types of seafood for $25) was also good value. The salmon pieces could have been sliced better (maybe with a sharper knife) as one side of it was torn. Our favourite was the thin slices of scallops that were sweet and when dipped with a bit of soyu and wasabi, became fantastic!

A good thing to order and munch while waiting for the bulk of the food to arrive is the Bread Basket ($7)....except that there was no real basket. Lol. Anyway, the three different breads with 3 different dips (olive, hummus and tahini if my memory is correct) were very much enjoyable. A mix of textures and flavours.

The wait staff recommended us the Red Snapper Baked en Papillote ($55). It came with two sides of mashed potato and cauliflower.

The whole red snapper was wrapped in paper and oven baked. The herb marinate gave it some flavour. Generally, it wasn't bad but neither was it outstanding. Perhaps tweaking the marinate or cooking time in the oven would benefit this dish. Hey, maybe even encrust it in salt, no?

Being a rather new restaurant, my opinion is that Fremantle has quite a bit of teething issues to settle. Service is spotty and staff sometimes look a little lost. Most restaurants in Perth's Fremantle has excellent enthusiastic service (like Little Creatures!). Some of the menu items here could also be brushed up. But I think once they have found their feet, this would be a good place for a relaxing lunch and a chillaxing dinner with drinks.

For the time being, I will be back just for the set lunches!

3E River Valley Road
#01-05/06 Clarke Quay
Tel: 6337 1838

Chew On This: DBS/POSB card holders enjoy a 1-for-1 offer on alcoholic drinks during lunch! Hic.

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