Thursday, July 01, 2010

F I S H- More Greens than Scales

What's in a name? With a name like F.I.S.H, I was initially expecting, well, fish (though not the $1.2K kind!). But found that the salad bar is the star here.

F.I.S.H is a newish concept by the folks from Fish & Co and boasts the similar casual feel and affordably-priced menu with a healthier twist. But instead of nautical designs, the layout here is fresh with clean lines. Offering a selection of meats, seafood, pasta and desserts, F.I.S.H is also Halal-certified, making it a suitable place to host Muslim friends for gatherings, birthdays and impromptu makan!

Anyway, back to the salad bar buffet ($12.90; $5.90 with any main course). (Yes, grass has been added to this blog's template to reflect that besides his own kind, this hungry cow does eat and enjoy his greens.) Here, an array of about 8 glass bowls hold different salads like Salmon Salad, Peri Peri Chicken Salad, Crunchy Papaya Salad, Shitake & Enoki Mushroom Salad etc.

For starters, I like the Shrimp & Egg on Toast with Rocket ($5.90). It was a simple assembly which was delicious, especially with the runny egg yolk smothered over the other ingredients.

The Crispy Silver Fish ($6.90) was crunchy and went with a creamy dip. The batter could have been lighter though.

Then this wrapped parcel arrived. In post-911 times, this would probably activate the bomb squad in an airport. But thankfully it was Baked Seafood Spaghetti ($13.80).

The smell that emanated out from the wrapped pasta was a heady mix of tangy tomato sauce and seafood sweetness. While the pasta was unfortunately a tad soft for my liking, the pieces of squid were succulent and tasted fresh.

The Chicken Cacciatore ($15.80) was tender and well marinated with a mixture of herbs. Topped with tomato sauce, it was accompanied by healthy sides of grilled tomatoes and boiled new potatoes.

For desserts, the USA-imported Strawberry Daiquiri Colossal ($6.95) appealed to me. Massive size, fruity, not overly sweet and with just the right level of tartness to rein in jalak-ness and *gasp* stimulate the appetite.

Time to hit the salad bar again.

Thanks to Kay and Sharon of Fish & Co for the invitation and for hosting this cow.

F.I.S.H (other branch at Tampines One)
Tel: 6634 0478
Opens: 11.30am - 10pm

Chew On This: With the long queue here especially at peak hours, it is best to make a reservation. One can either call or do it online here!


LJ said...

wow..baked spagetthi looks quite special

The Hungry Cow said...

LJ: Happy spaghetti-ing! :)

ShanonC said...

Amazing Food and Service!!!
Luv the Salads and the Desserts :D

The Colossal Carrot Cake is a Must Have!!!
Its the Best i have had in SIngapore!!!

The Hungry Cow said...

ShanonC: Thanks for the enthusiasm. :)