Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Dinner of 3 Birthdays

With the birthdays of my dad, mum and sis falling in a span of less than a week, we decided to combine the celebration by having one dinner. :)

As my dad much prefers Chinese food to ang moh food, we decided on Asia Grand Restaurant. After all, Peking Duck sounds good, no?

Peking Duck (promotional price of $30 for the whole bird; usual price $56) was competently done and definitely a bargain at that price!

Each slice of duck skin was accompanied by a stalk of spring onion, brushed with some of the sauce and wrapped in an egg crepe. I like the crispy duck skin that had just a small layer of underlying fat.

After being de-skinned, the rest of the duck was taken back to the kitchen and turned into Duck Ee Fu Mee ($10). This was sufficiently tasty but my main gripe was the measly amount of duck meat in here. It certainly does not seem like a whole duck to me! Maybe next time I should just request for the duck to be chopped up and served.

Poached Boxthorn ($16) was an excellent veggie dish! The thorny vegetable (aka gao gei or jiu ji) has dark green leaves which are used in this dish. Distinctively pleasant bitter taste that went well with the sweetness of wolfberries and a very good chicken stock. I think there's lots of iron and vitamin A in here!

Roasted Whole Boneless Suckling Pig (promotional price of $70 for 1/2; $140 for whole pig; usual price $240 for whole) brought back fond memories of my beloved pig in Hong Kong. But alas. I should have known about making comparisons and having expectations. This suckling pig was by no means bad but people adverse to porky smell/taste might wannna avoid this.

Personally, I enjoyed the pig. There wasn't much meat but the skin...oh the skin....perfectly crisp till it crackled in the mouth. Dad was right. We paid for skin. :D The thick layer of fat beneath the skin triggered cardio nightmare alerts and so I actively bit them away, leaving just a sliver. But even that with the skin packed heaps of flavour!

The Prawns with Egg Yolk ($28) at the adjacent table tempted us and so we ordered a plate too. Moohehe. Big prawns lightly dusted in flour and flash fried before being coated in a salted egg yolk sauce. Very savoury!

For desserts we tried the Chilled Hashima with Lotus Seed ($9). The "soup" was thin and had an almond essence taste which I personally do not like.

A better and cheaper dessert was the Mango Cream with Sago ($6). Rich and fruity with the goodness of mango, it paired well with the sacs of pomelo that provided a slight tart-bitter counterpoint to the sweetness.

The Mashed Yam with Gingko Nuts ($5) was also pretty good with a nice consistency and deep flavour of yam (and possibly lard).

This cow was happy. Nothing like a meal with the family. Now, if only my birthday was in the same week as theirs! Blessed birthday, dad, mum and sis! God bless you cow cow.

Asia Grand Restaurant
331 North Bridge Road
#01-02 Odeon Towers
Tel: 6887 0010

Chew On This: There are private rooms for those who want more privacy but do call and enquire on their use/booking. And BYO is allowed!


Amanda said...

:D really very good dinner :D

That pig thingy, must have cost a bomb, got to pre-order, not easy to find these days.

and I just got back from my run lo...
thanks ar...

u mean cow


The Hungry Cow said...

Amanda: It was a good dinner. Ducky and piggy were on promo too.

Running takes discipline. Running away from food blogs takes more discipline. ;P