Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Bowl of Black Pig Ramen

I haven't been eating enough ramen to say which ramen house in town appeals to me most but I do know that a hot bowl of good soup with springy noodles is pure comfort.

That is what I got recently at Tampopop.

The Black Pig Toro Ramen ($14.80) featured a soup that apparently takes two days of boiling pork bones! It smells wonderfully of sesame oil and tasted robust with a nice salty edge. I selected Hokkaido ramen instead of Kyushu ramen and loved the springy, chewy noodles that were slightly curly and thicker.

While I was disappointed that the egg was hard-boiled instead of the gooey-yolked onsen eggs, the thin slices of black pig belly were sweet and had an alluring grilled aroma. Delish!

Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tel: 6235 2318

Chew On This: With the recent import ban of beef and pork from Japan, it is good to know that the Black Pig used here is from the USA!


Kyle Leung said...

I do feel that the standard of food at Tampopo has declined. The last time I was there (January 10 at the Ngee Ann City outlet), the soup was surprisingly flat, lacking depth of flavour and heavily redolent of salt and/or MSG. The black pig belly came in strands instead of slices like a North Korean ration. I figure Tampopo needs to shake off a bit of complacency and put the customers first. Like how a man's dressing reflects his refinement, the Tampopo egg you were served says everything about the finesse and commitment of the establishment.

- @plainkyle

purinne said...

i feel tampopo at liang court is way better than taka's .... i was very disappointed when i went for dinner with my frenz at the taka branch ...

Camemberu said...

Wow you changed your template? Green pastures ahoy! :D

The Hungry Cow said...

Kyle: Hey, thanks for your input and sorry to hear about your bad experience there. They could have inconsistency issues? Btw, the North Korean ration part is hilarious! Haha.

purinne: Probably like yourself, I've dine more times at the Liang Court branch. It was actually my first time at the Taka branch!

Camemberu: Yups, tinkering around and found grass! Lol.