Thursday, July 22, 2010

3rd Time Lucky Kway Chap

On my first and second visit to this kway chap stall, I found it closed. The owners apparently went on a holiday. So instead of kway chap, we had wanton mee and prawn noodles.

On this most recent third visit, the stall was open! Yay. And since I was early, I had a bowl of prawn and pork ribs bee hoon soup. Some things never change. Hahaha.

So back to the kway chap...

All sorts of goodies (braised tau pok, braised egg, pig skin, salted vegetables, fishcake, braised pork belly, intestines) worked their charm. Resistance was futile and silly.

There was also steamed fish, braised duck and stewed chicken feet!

Everything on this plate was good with a rustic, soy-sauce-infused flavour.

The braised duck was very tender and flavourful with a slight touch of spice. Dip it into the orangey chilli sauce and the acidity of the vinegar cuts through nicely.

For the kway, my ideal kway has to be smooth and slightly oily/silky with a bit of a chewy bite. The one here had a rougher texture and was softer. The not-too-herbal broth was certainly more robust than most other versions.

All in all, there was a very pleasant rustic appeal to the kway chap here. No refine-ness, no wimpy-ness. Pure hearty flavours!

Note: The above food was shared between 5 of us and cost us about $6+ each.

Tong Lok Kway Chap
Eng Lock Koo Coffee Shop
114 Pasir Panjang Road (at the junction with Pepys Road)
Opens: 7am-3pm
Closed: Sundays

Chew On This: This has got to be the neatest kway chap stall (and possibly hawker stall) I have ever come across! Not a splash of sauce or dribble of oil in sight. Things were neatly displayed and arranged too. *salute*


KopiKosongGirl said...

Wow...this looks so old school! The kind that cannot find anymore...must try :-) Thanks HungryCow! You really have 4 tummies lol

The Hungry Cow said...

Momo: Yups, rustic with warmth. Hope you'll like it. And hope my 4 tummies don't ever physically show! Lol.

Ju Ann said...

hi leroy~ where you hide your tummies? haha wah ur pictures make me hungry again!! :D

and yes it was great to meet u!

Ivan said...

Noooooo! The secret is out! This is one of the best Kway Chaps in Singapore...

The Hungry Cow said...

Ju Ann: I also don't know where! Hahaha. Great to meet you too!

Ivan: Oopsie. ;)