Friday, June 18, 2010

Springy Wanton Mee

Life is unpredictable. A few foodies gathered one morning for kway chap only to find the stall closed with its owner apparently on holiday. A separate visit a few days later when I met another group of friends for a trek from near-by Bukit Chandu also ended up kway chap-less.

Looks like this kway chap is proving to be a little elusive.

Anyway, in the same kopitiam is a Wanton Mee stall. I had this on two occasions and found that this noodle dish here is best eaten immediately. It is unfortunately less forgiving of trigger-happy bloggers who take time to shoot.

While I found the char siew to be too lean and dry, what hit the spot for me was the springy, almost wire-like egg noodles tossed in dark soy sauce, chilli and shallot & garlic oil. Fried ikan bilis also added texture and a very savoury touch.

With the average wantons and disappointing char siew, this might just be a wanton mee where the noodles and sauces are the star. Hey, in fact I would be happy to just get a big plate of this noodles topped with blanched cai sim and a fried egg!

Soon Heng Noodle
Eng Lock Koo Coffee Shop
114 Pasir Panjang Road (at the junction with Pepys Road)

Chew On This: I happened to be wearing the Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 Finisher's Tee and apparently the uncle at this stall also took part in it and wanted to treat me to a bowl of wantons! Haha. Of course, with a trek all the way to Vivocity ahead, I politely declined.


Camemberu said...

Eh we gotta track down that kway chap man! Third time's the charm perhaps? :)

The Hungry Cow said...

I hope so too man!! Else we gotta camp out there! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where this stall relocated to? It’s no longer at this coffeeshop. :(