Saturday, June 12, 2010

SLA Rocks Bedrock!

Just last week, the Steak Lovers' Association had a rocking good time at Bedrock Bar & Grill.

The set dinner was the most costly we have had so far but the lure of 400g USDA prime ribeye was hard to resist. Believe me, I tried!

First up, bread and butter issues: To be more correct, it was naan and French butter and roasted garlic. The naan was warm, fluffy and chewy- perfect with a smear of creamy French butter. The roasted garlic rocks with its sweet, roasted flavour.

Soon to arrive was the Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup ($12 ala carte). This was comforting with the familiar sweet and tart tomato flavours along with basil. As the tomatoes were smoked with applewood, this dish had an additional smokey dimension.

Finally, the main course of the night- 400g USDA Prime Ribeye ($88 ala carte). Served here with shoestring fries and steamed broccoli, the steak had streaks of fat marbling giving it tenderness and flavour. It wasn't robust. More of a good balance between intense beefy-ness and subtle sweetness. Very enjoyable...especially with vino!

To complement the steak, hot whiskey mustard was served. The grainy texture provided, well, texture and the mustard flavour was mild and restrained. Pretty good with steak. But in my opinion, the USDA prime ribeye was more than able to stand on its own.

For dessert (which everyone almost forgot after the steak!), we had The Dark Side ($12 ala carte). It sounds very Star Wars-ish and I don't expect Sith Lords to be sweet. The irony was that this Valrhona 85% dark cacao flourless cake was a little sweeter than expected (considering it was 85% dark chocolate). Nonetheless, it was The dribbling of sour cream did add an interesting touch to the chocolate, helping to cut through the heavyness.

Vino parade: My favourite two were the Taurasi DOCG 1999 (second bottle) and the Priorat 1998. Corkage at $30 per bottle. !@#$%

Thanks to Thomas for, as usual, gathering the SLA-ers and to Keith and Elly of Bedrock for the special set dinner menu and for hosting us. :)

Group photo credit to Anthony.

Here's the happy bunch of us at that wonderful, cosy dinner. Proof that food and wines without company is just food and wines.

Bedrock Bar & Grill
96 Somerset Road
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Tel: 6238 0054
Opens: 12noon - 2.30pm; 6.30pm - 12midnight
Closes: Sunday

Chew On This: This was the first time the SLA had a unanimous vote for steak when it came to the main course! Woohoo. Don't worry, lamb/chicken/fish/pork-eaters. We still love you.


Derrick said...

how come u didn't ask the resturant to waive the corkage on account of the big group u had !

The Hungry Cow said...

Derrick: I did but them wouldn't budge.