Saturday, June 05, 2010

Carrefour International Wine Fair 2010

Time seems to really fly when I realised it's Carrefour's International Wine Fair again! I dropped by for their opening night and also on the following Sunday after church. I must say this year's fair is classier than the previous with a string trio performing on the opening night.

Good to meet Morgun, Soon Wei and Sarah Mayo there too!

Wolfblass was having an attractive offer- buy a Platinum Label and get a Black Label free! Just a few of this bundle were available. Seems like early birds do get the worm fact early birds even got to taste the Platinum Label.

From the other tasting, quite a few red Bordeaux and New Zealand (Pinot Noir & Sauvignon Blanc) wines were pretty decent and good-valued. As usual, sorry I got carried away and hence no photos of these bottles.

Oh Pierre Joulet Grand Brut was going for just $79!

An interesting pair I stumbled upon was the Fuller 88 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Shiraz. From its name, my guess that it was probably owned by a Chinese was right. A Singaporean Chinese (Hi Milton!) co-owns the vineyard.

See? Wines can be made to pair with local food such as chicken rice, roast duck, laksa and fish tikka! This is good becos we Singapoleans ah donch eat steak and pasta everyday hor. Hor fun can?

I made my purchase of an Amarone 2007, and two Chateau Solone Sauternes 1999 (intriguing since it was at $32 each and was strongly recommended on The Local Nose) and it was good night!

Carrefour International Wine Fair 2010
Carrefour Suntec City Atrium
20-30 May

Chew On This: Heading down on the opening night has its benefits:
1) Glasses are used instead of those small plastic sampling cups.
2) Finger food (sandwiches, pies, pastries and eclairs) is available.
3) More wines available for tasting.
4) Free entertainment (string trio!)

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