Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lite, Healthy Underground Bite

I was actually on my way to check out Sultan Prawn Mee (long long no eat) at Kallang but was stopped in my tracks by Mescluns. It was a place I had passed by many times but thinking that they only had salads, I was hesitant to step in. Yes, yes, cows should eat grass...

Only upon seeing their board featuring sandwiches and soups did I decided to try here for lunch.

The salad bar offered green leaves, nuts, fruits, bacon, chicken, tuna, egg, potato, tomatoes, sprouts, fusilli etc etc. I was tempted between opting for a salad or a sandwich.

In the end, I went for the Chicken Caesar with Romaine Lettuce, Avocado, Beef Bacon & Parmesan ($7.50) on Foccacia bread- a salad in a sandwich! Hahaha. The chicken pieces were tender while the lettuce provided a refreshing crunch. Beef bacon bits and Parmesan added heaps of flavour. A pity the avocado was barely noticeable, otherwise this sandwich would have had a nice creamy feel.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the sandwich. Surprisingly substantial (not in the gluttony way) and wholesome!

To this sandwich, I added an additional $3.50 for a soup and a juice.

The soup I picked was Warm Tomato Bisque with Basil Pesto- a bright, tart soup with a nice consistency. The flavours tasted natural but was a little too tart for me. The basil pesto added a slight herby dimension. Maybe roasted red bell peppers and garlic would add sweetness and balance to this soup.

The Orange Juice was indeed freshly-squeezed. I saw it with my own eyes and was again convinced by its fresh, citrus smell, natural cloudy sediments and sweet-tart taste.

Meslcuns is a good, quiet spot for a wholesome bite. I left feeling healthy and happy! After one too many big meals of buffets, roasted pork, wanton mee and pork cutlet, this feels goooood.

#B1-26B Citylink Mall
Tel: 6884 6120

Chew On This: Meslcuns refers to a mixed salad and here, you can indeed customise your own salad by picking your favourite ingredients and leaves! No more unwanted morsels that get pushed to one side just because one doesn't eat them.


KopiKosongGirl said...

Ive never seen this before, although i work like so near. Thanks for showing this :-)
A hungry cow having a salad sandwich? hehehe ;-)

The Hungry Cow said...

Momo: Hey no prob. Yea, it felt natural eating that salad sandwich. Hahaha.