Monday, May 24, 2010

Conveyor Belt Hotpot Buffet!

Conveyor belt sushi was probably the first conveyor belt concept to hit our shores. Then we had conveyor belt dim sum. And now introducing conveyor belt hotpot (or steamboat)!

At a recent tasting, I was seated at the bar counter and had an individual pot which is great for those a little more concerned about hygiene. There was seven broths to choose from (Szechuan, Tom Yum, Herbal , Prawn, Chicken, Mushroom and a monthly special) and I opted for the monthly special of beef broth. The beef broth tasted like a light French-style beef bouillon.....

...perfect for beef! Hehe. The Sliced Beef (background) was a little tough from being very lean, but the Sliced Wagyu Beef (foreground, right) was a steal at $5 from the Premium Items section! The better fat marbling translated to tender bites with better flavour. Another Premium Item was the Sliced Venison (foreground, left; $3.50) which was also an interesting choice for a healthy, lean red meat dish. It had a mild taste and was more tender than the Sliced Beef.

There was also chicken and pork slices though I felt the former was sliced too thinly for an enjoyable bite.

Seafood-lovers need not feel left out. Mussels, clams, squids, prawns, fish, flower crab and sea cucumber make their way around the conveyor belt on plates. I particularly like the prawns- medium-sized and sweet.

The Scallops ($5) from the Premium Items were succulent and tasted fresh. Just don't over-cook these babies!

While tucking into your hotpot, don't forget the eight sauces that ply the conveyor belt. I sampled three- Kichi Kichi Chili Sauce, Chili Chin Chalok and Kichi Kichi Sesame Sauce. The Kichi Kichi Chili Sauce added a nice spicy-tangy touch while the Chili Chin Chalok fared well with its spicy-tangy-savoury notes. The Kichi Kichi Sesame Sauce was unfortunately a little too watered down for my liking.

To end off the savoury part of dinner, a quick DIY assembly resulted in a hot bowl of udon with beef slices and a poached soft-boiled egg in beef broth. Yums!

For those who seek a little inspiration or need some help, check out the "Secret Recipes" cruising the conveyor belt and feel free to tweak them to suit one's personal preference. It can inject some fun. :)

Moving on to desserts. I was very impressed with the Chocolate Hotpot with Cut Fruits ($5). It featured a good variety of goodies such as strawberries, dragonfruit, dried apricot, marshmallow. green apple and even muah chee! Let the marshmallow melt a little in the chocolate hotpot and be rewarded with a gooey sweet treat. The chocolate was smooth and nicely bitter-sweet. Very good value at $5.

Overall, Kichi Kichi offers a good value hotpot buffet with affordable add-ons from their Premium Items section, in a comfortable, trendy place. This is a good balance between budget, quality and a whole lot of quantity!

Note: The buffet includes more than 60 items (meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles etc) while Premium Items (like the Sliced Waygu Beef, Sliced Venison, Scallops, Salmon Belly etc) are available at very affordable prices.

Weekday Lunch 11am-5pm: Adults $19.90++; Students $14.90++; Kids 3-9 years $7.90++
Weekday Dinner 5pm-10pm: Adults $21.90++; Students $19.90++; Kids 3-9 years $7.90++
Weekend Lunch & Dinner (including Public Holidays and Dinner on Eve of Public Holidays): Adults $23.90++; Kids 3-9 years $7.90++.

Thanks to Carlyn of Sixth Sense Communications for the invite and Dawn of Kichi Kichi for hosting me.

Kichi Kichi
City Square Mall
Tel: 9170 1146
Opens: 11am - 10pm daily

Chew On This:
There's a handy bag hook under the bar counter to keep your precious off the floor!


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