Friday, April 02, 2010

Old Charm Hakka Yong Tau Foo

This entry is on a place that I have been to on a few occasions but unfortunately found them closed on each visit. But since it's in the east and I hear from Mum that the food's worth checking out, we eventually did get to eat here.

So while others had Easter brunches, hot cross buns, eggs and what not, I had Easter Yong Tau Foo! Hehe.

The Yong Tau Foo ($5 for medium) came as a 'standard set'. Forget about picking your favourite items or asking if they have cured cuttlefish. The medium 'standard set' was a generous plate of pieces of fishballs, tofu, chilli, bittergourd, tau pok etc all stuffed with fish paste. The fish paste used tasted very rustic and unlike the almost pure white versions everywhere else, this was off-white. To further give the yong tau foo items an aromatic lift, shallot oil was drizzled. I like the chilli (had a good spicy kick!) and the thick savoury-sweet sauce. Simple, rustic and wholesome dish!

But since one is already there, one should also try the other dishes. Remember increasing productivity?

The Raw Fish ($3) is another simple winner. Take thin slices of raw Ikan Parang and then drizzle splash on copious lashings of sesame oil, then top with lots of spring onions, ginger and red chillies.

Each sliver of fish gets coated with nutty sesame oil- one of my all-time favourite smells/flavours. The texture is firm, smooth and with just a bit of graininess.

The Steamed Lala (~$10) was steamed with ginger, red chillies and Chinese cooking wine. Unfortunately, somehow it didn't appeal to much to me. The clams were a little over-cooked too.

Abacus ($4 for medium), the Hakka dish of yam dumplings, is a very delicious dish that is not very commonly found. The version here spotted a nice chewy texture with a sweet, distinct taste of yam. The toppings (fried dried shrimps and shallots I think) gave a savoury touch.

Though no less yummy, this was quite different from the dish I like in Lavender Food Market. The latter seemed a little more Hokkien with minced pork, Chinese black mushrooms and a potent chilli.

This is a good place with a charm from yesteryear to bring the family to. Food is simple and there is a rustic appeal that I like very much.

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant
299A Changi Road
Opens: 11am - 4.30pm daily

Chew On This: If you did notice, there wasn't rice or noodles to accompany the yong tau foo. I did ask but was informed that they do not serve either! Woah. A carbs freak fanatic like me was disappointed but hey surprisingly, I felt sated after this meal.

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