Saturday, March 06, 2010

Will Queue for Hor Fun

After more than two months at the Biopolis, I finally got to check out Ghim Moh market- a popular lunch destination for Biopolis folks.

Lunch was with two girls whom I will refer to as See Tai and Dr Rach. They were raving about a number of stalls, including one hawking hor fun. The alluring smell of wok-fried noodles emanating from the stall instantly caught my attention.

Then I found myself joining the queue of 10. Turning around to see another 8 or so people behind me made me feel better. It helps too that the turn-over rate is pretty quick!

A bite of the Fried Hor Fun with Beef ($4.50) made me upset....that I had not asked for a bigger portion. The hor fun may not look well-fried but don't be mistaken. It was imbued with unmistakable wok hei. The beef slices were tender (tenderised by sodium bicarb?) and had a slight beefy taste while cai xin added a nice vegetable component.

The starchy sauce may get a little heavy after a while but the hor fun (blessed by the breath of the wok) makes it very much palatable.

Hor fun is a humble dish and is plentiful in Singapore but a good one is certainly hard to find. I'm not too big a fan of the famous Geylang beef whorefun hor fun but I'm definitely bookmarking this one!

Teck Hin Fried Hor Fun
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road
#01-44 Ghim Moh Market and Food
Closes: Mondays

Chew On This: The hor fun (the noodles itself!) is fried in batches before individual portions are topped with ingredients and doused with the sauce. This ensures that the hor fun remains fresh and hot.


KopiKosongGirl said...

Oh you finally got to try this stall! Check out the fish hor fun too :P The queue is always so long, but its worth the wait.
Glad you get try it finally and not disappointed :-)

The Hungry Cow said...

Momo: Time for fish hor fun next! The wok hei is really good here. :D

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Hor Fun is perfect after fine dining!!! :D Pleasure to have met you today, Roy.

The Hungry Cow said...

Ju (The Little Teochew): I can't agree more. It was my pleasure too, Ju. Cya around! :)