Sunday, March 14, 2010

Business Sense Over Porridge

As with many enjoyable dinners with close friends, it was simply random and impromptu. A few SMSes was all it took to meet for dinner a few hours later.

After Fish Bee Hoon Soup and Fish San Lao Hor Fun at a branch of the famous Holland Village stall, we adjourned (yes, we should heed the Government's call for higher productivity and hence check out a few places in one go) to the famous porride place.

There we discussed the Art of Kopitiam Entrepreneurship.

1) An auntie came over to peddle packets of tissue. When we politely refused her offer of 4 packets for $1, she countered with 2 packets for 50 cents. We bought. Flexibility and quick-thinking to entice customers are essential in sales.

2) A (random) thought came across my mind to suggest that Hushie sell the 2 packets for $1. Opportunity-spotting & business proposition.

3) But how could she sell at a much higher price than the market? A quick study of the tissue aunties resulted. Competitor analysis.

4) To fight off the elderly aunties, she could charm her way through by the not-so-random timing of a spaghetti strap slipping off her right shoulder. This is competitive advantage!

Thank you, class. Now back to the porridge.

The Pork Porridge ($3.60) was tasty and nicely rounded off with the flavours of soy sauce and fried shallots. I like that the porridge liquid was sticky with rice grains that were really soft but not till the point of totally disintergration. Piggy goodies in the porridge included minced pork ball, sliced pork, intestine and liver. My favourite was the minced pork ball- tender and the ball of minced morsels break up upon gentle chewing.

You Tiao (60cents) was added to the order in hope of dunking crispy dough fritters into the hot gooey porridge. But the You Tiao was neither warm nor crispy. Alas.

What I would opt for is to add an egg the next time. I bet stirring an egg into the porridge would make this already tasty porridge richer and tastier.

Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge
265 New Bridge Road
Tel: 6222 3911

Chew On This: I hear the fried intestines and raw fish salad are a hit here! Need a revisit after IPPT. Argh.

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