Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fish Soup + Braised Pig Trotters Combo!

Sometimes wanting to eat healthily can be challenging.

I was brought to this stall some time back by Ewan when we supposedly wanted to eat something light. In the end, dinner comprised of 1 x curry bun, 2 x fish soup, 1 x chai poh (preserved radish) tofu, 4 x bowl of rice and 2 x Aston's Ribeye Extra Cut!

Wanting to eat something light (again!), we revisited this place last week.

The Fish Soup ($4 for large portion) was still as good as before. A very generous helping of Batang (Spanish Mackerel) fish slices would certainly make any greedy hungry soul happy. The fish was fresh, very smooth and flaked nicely. The soup tasted rich with the goodness of fish bones and ti poh (salted flatfish). The sprinkling of fried shallot, ground white pepper and Chinese parsley further added more flavour.

For something more sinful and equally delicious, the Braised Pig's Trotter ($3 for small portion) was the perfect choice. Braised with spices like cinnamon, garlic and star anise, the meat was tasty with a good soy sauce flavour. It wasn't the most tender but I like the slight chewy bite. The skin is supple, chewy and smooth. Packed with collagen too!

Sharing the sinful pig trotters should be relatively healthy. A natural dietary collagen supplement some more!

Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon Seafood Soup
Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2
Opens: 7am - 12 midnight
Closes: 1st Sunday of every month

Chew On This:

Greedy Eager for more soup, I requested for an additional bowl (FOC). However, it tasted somewhat bland. I guess flavour builds as fish, tomato and other ingredients are cooked/added. This soup tasted better when poured into the original bowl that was then already half depleted.

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