Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BOOMZ-bastic Penyet

The Bawal Penyet ($4.50) here is boomz! A whole pomfret battered and deep-fried till crispy. The batter was flavoured with cumin and tumeric which made every bite delish. The fish was nicely moist without being overly oily. Accompanying the fish was a fragrant chicken rice and sweet-spicy sambal chilli. Eat everything together and boomz.

The Ayam Penyet ($4) on the other hand was disappointing with its tough and dry flesh. :/

The next time I am back here, I'll certainly either hit the Bawal Penyet again or attempt the Sotong Penyet which looks equally yums!

Boombastic Penyet
Stall 29
Blk 503 West Coast Drive
Ayer Rajah Food Centre

Chew On This: Penyet is the Malay word for smash. And most stalls usually take a wooden mallet to gently smash the chicken a little to tenderise it. Thankfully, this stall spared the fish from this mistreatment!


red fir said...

Have you tried mutton soup from the same FC? It's even more... BOOMZ!

The Hungry Cow said...

ice: Note taken!

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...

The food is not bad but had a terrible experience today with the guy there.

Asked for sotong - dont have say sold out

No change so forced me to buy a drink from other stall. Their kitty box (transparent) didnt have a single note , only about $10 worth of coins

I ordered first but served a malay guy in front of me.

Worse of all , I asked for more chilli , guy says nicely with a smile 'its all inside'. I reach home and ......... you guessed it , not a single drop inside. Whats Ayam Penyet without the chilli? Plain out fried chicken!

No more business from me.

Anonymous said...

I must say then that this stall has improved a lot. I just tried it and the meat is so juicy, the skin so crisp!