Thursday, January 07, 2010

Value Set Lunch

One thing good about having many options for lunch is well... having many options. In fact, some times too many options! But when time is limited or skies are pouring, it helps to have a good, near-by place to call on.

That is what Chef Mum is to me. Lab colleagues introduced this place to me and I like it for its good-value, dependable and tasty food.

Two visits have seen me order the Penne Arrabbiata Set ($6.80nett), consisting of soup, pasta, dessert and coffee/tea.

The Soup-of-the-Day was Cream of Mushroom. It was creamy, thick and with a slight heady flavour of shitake mushrooms. Not bad but nothing really fantastic as mushroom soup goes. The Cream of Asparagus during my first visit was much better.

The Penne Arrabbiata was really good! Firm tubes of penne in a tomato sauce spiked with chilli. The heat from the chilli was fresh and also with depth. I suspect they used both fresh and dried chillis for this effect. A few strips of chicken were hiding somewhere in the pile but really, I could do with just the pasta and sauce here.

Dessert-of-the-Day was Grass Jelly. A sweet and soothing end to round up lunch. Previously, I had Red Bean Soup which was rustic and tasted very home-made. :)

A cup of tea completed this set lunch, and also provided caffeine to fight off any impending Z-monsters.

On days when I don't have the luxury of a more leisurely lunch or when it's pouring like mad, you'll know where to find me.

Chef Mum
8 Biomedical Grove
Tel: 6464 2083

Chew On This: Ask for a card and collect stamps with each set lunch ordered. A muffin is free on the 5th stamp and a set meal is free on the 10th stamp! Nom nom nom.

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