Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Limited by Balls

Balls! Have these few weeks been really busy. Since starting Final-Year Project, I have been stretched with juggling all my commitments. But by God's grace, I shall prevail.

Balls! Because this is a food blog, I shall talk about food. Balls- fish balls!

Discovered this stall with a ever-present long queue. Long queues do not always equate to good food. But there are exceptions. Ru Ji Kitchen is one such example.

The Fish Ball Mee Pok Dry ($2.50) had ribbons of eggy noodles tossed in a chilli, lard and vinegar sauce. A good mix of spiciness, saltiness and tangyness. The star of the dish had to be the fish ball- very fresh-tasting, just lightly salted and soft with a gentle, springy bite.

The Fish Ball Kway Teow Soup ($2.50) was a lighter affair with thin rice noodles in a very light but tasty soup. The Kway Teow was smooth without being too soft and it was a delight slurping strands of it with the soup.

My only gripe (besides having to queue ~20mins) is that with fish balls this good, I should have ordered a whole bowl of them! Balls!

Ok, I had better get back to some assignments now. B-A-L-L-S.

Ru Ji Kitchen
Blk 44 Holland Drive
Holland Drive Market and Food Centre

Chew On This: I saw the uncle counting the number of fish balls he had remaining and then checking against the orders of people in the queue. This means once the fish balls are sold out, he stops orders and closes for the day! Serious stuff.

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