Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seafoodie Dinner with Foodies

This place has got to be one of the best seafood dinners in my memory for this year. I was first introduced to Ming Kee Live Seafood when one of the Makankakis dinner was held here.

Subsequently, a few blogger friends decided it was time to arrange a dinner here. And so by the powers vested in 陈先生, I made reservations.

The hungry bunch comprised AromaCookery, Camemberu, Hairy Berry, Keropokman & Momo, as well as some of their friends and family.

Once again, I can't stress how good Fried Fish Skin ($8) make as snacks. Maybe Pringles should take these, dust them with their range of flavours and call them Fringles!!

The Flower Clams ($38) were simply steamed in a salty, garlicky oil. Very fresh and absolutely delish.

The Steamed Soon Hock ($77 for 1.1kg) was tender and sweet. The timing spent in the steamer was perfect!

Non-seafood fans should head for the Guiness Pork & Smoked Duck Breast Combo ($40). The Guiness Pork was flavourful with a caramel-savoury touch while the Smoked Duck Breast had a deep flavour akin to ham. Eat both with copious amount of rice.

But really, one should eat the seafood here.

The piece de resistance had to be the huge-ass Crab Beehoon ($142.80 for 3.4kg). With the suggestive pose of the two crabs, the beehoon seemed to benefit most from the crab-imparted flavours- shell and roe. The custacean shell and crab roe flavours melded nicely and was well absorbed into the beehoon. The flesh of the MEATY crab was firm and sweet...and plentiful.

I also greatly enjoyed the Bamaboo Clams with Garlic ($91 for 9 pieces). The fragrance of melted butter, garlic and spring onions was alluring. The clam was (once again) steamed to perfection. Neither too chewy nor hard. The minced garlic might look like an over-kill but with its pungency reduced to'll see just empty plates (and shell!) at the end.

Like most families out there at a cze char place, we ordered a tofu dish for a healthy balance. The Homemade Tofu with Mushroom & Broccoli ($12) had tofu with a very soft texture. It was a good thing that the broccoli wasn't cooked to death as well. But this dish paled in comparison to the outstanding seafood dishes.

Another veg dish, Stir Fried Sambal French Beans ($15), suffered the same fate. Worse, I felt out-of-mood for chilli. All the delicate flavours in the seafood dishes seemed too sensitive for a robust sambal dish.

For desserts, we had the Coconut Jelly ($16). It tasted alright but at this price, I felt it was rather expensive. Can buy one and a half bamboo clam you know? Lol.

The other dessert of Orh Nee ($12) was pretty good. A glossy coat of syrup blanketted the mashed yam. Mix them well and a smooth paste forms. The only thing missing was a bit of lard.

But I guess after the almost euphoric seafood experience, I won't be needing lard.

The food here may not qualify as cheap but you certainly get quality. Worth every buck! Especially when one has fine company.

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 MacPherson Road
Tel: 6747 4075

Chew On This: Do feel free to BYO wine. There is NO corkage and Ming Kee provides good Mikasa glasses!

We had a Brazilian Pinot Noir 2008 ($32 from thehungrycow!) for tonight. Very smooth, with aromas of red and dark berries.

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