Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Hushie suggested a place for dinner after the Uniqlo shopping and it was for Japanese food. This rarely happens. I don't usually buy three pairs of jeans in a go and Hushie doesn't usually suggest a place to eat at.

The place turned out to be Ootoya. I have heard good things about this place.

We were seated in the middle square which was quite interesting. A big flower piece was the centre piece and people who are seated on the inner side of the table get tatami-like seats compared to the normal chairs for people seated on the outer side.

I had the Charbroiled Sea Bream with Grated Radish & Pickled Plum Sauce ($13; $17 for set). The fatty slice of fish had a good salty flavour from the salt that was sprinkled during grilling. Though it was a little burnt on the skin, oddly it didn't taste as bitter as I had expected.

The set came with pickles, a side dish of vegetables, miso soup and rice. Carbo monsters would be happy with the FREE-flow rice.

Speaking of which, Ootoya also serves a few other types of rice- Hijiki seaweed rice (pictured above), Jako fish rice and grated yam rice. These weren't free-flow and came at additional costs.

Here's a peak at the salmon ($17 for set) which I didn't try. I should return to try the Atka Mackerel that most are talking about.

This was the Pork Katsu simmered with egg and onions in a soy-terriyaki broth ($16 for set). I like the sweetness of the onions with the savoury sauce. The pork was a little too lean though.

The chicken variant ($16 for set) was less tasty and had a sharper-tasting sauce.

I am sorry I do not have the exact names of the salmon, pork and chicken dishes above. Too hungry and forgot to note down la. :P

On the whole, I like Ootoya's very homely food and feel. I would be back to try the other items, hopefully soon.

Orchard Central
Tel: 6884 8901

Chew On This: Something that was a first for me at a restaurant was seeing the number of calories of each dish stated on the menu. Even for plain rice! During this festive season of indulgence, perhaps this would come in handy for an 'off-peak' day. Hahaha.

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