Monday, November 16, 2009

Wet Weather Hor Fun

The past few days have seen chilly mornings and rain that seem to go on and on. This must be a sure sign that roast turkey Christmas is coming. It doesn't snow in Singapore but we sure have rain. Lots of it as the year-end arrives.

But looking past the downsides of the downpour (think getting wet, laundry not drying, having to wake up in mornings that had perfect weather for sleeping in etc), there are good things that happen too.

There's no need to water the plants, saving both water and effort. There's no need to switch on the air-con at night, saving money.

But my favourite was stumbling upon a good plate of Hor Fun at this nondescript stall in Alexandra Village Food Centre. It was after an average fish soup dinner that I was prepared to pick the car up at a near-by workshop. Then it started raining.

The rain totally delayed my plans. So I decided to order a plate of Hor Fun while waiting for the rain to stop. What's a foodie got to do while killing time at a hawker centre?

The Fish Hor Fun ($4) comprised of well-fried flat rice noodles doused in a light starchy gravy with prawns, sotong, fish slices and cai xin. To me, the vital component in Hor Fun is the noodles. Here, it hits the spot with a good chewy bite and with an intense smokiness that resulted from frying the noodles quickly over a really hot wok. Some dark soy sauce is used to add colour and flavour.

The sotong was tender and fresh while the prawns were flavourful though over-cooked. The fish used was Toman (aka Snakehead), not exactly my favourite fish but people do like it for its firm texture. Thankfully, there wasn't any of that muddy taste that sometimes plague this fish. The light starchy gravy wasn't too gummy or starchy and coated each sliver of the rice noodles and the other ingredients perfectly. This made each slurp and bite really smooth.

This is one good Hor Fun, rain or shine.

Thank God for the rain that evening.

Lai Cheng Zhu Chao Tan
Alexandra Village Food Centre
Block 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1

Chew On This: During my 30-minute Hor Fun bliss, I realised that 85% of the orders made at this cze char stall seemed to be for the Hor Fun and its Bee Hoon alternative. Time for a return to check out the Bee Hoon!


qipei said...

the stall seems familiar! i think it is really popular for its hor fun!

red fir said...

Hey do you know Xin Sheng Huo hor fun at this same hawker centre is back?

The Hungry Cow said...

qipei: Really? I didn't know and just decided to try my luck. Hehe.

ice: Oh yes, I saw people talking about it on Makansutra forum. Have yet to try it but will go check it out.. hopefully soon!

mel chan said...

eh leroy!
we ate it once b4 and u forgotten!
i think with ryan?

The Hungry Cow said...

mel chan: ello, lao shi! we ate frm this stall meh? remember was the inner stall.