Thursday, November 12, 2009

ori Katong Laksa?

Since the exams are just less than a week away, I shall put some genetics term to use here.

ori refers to the origin of replication in genetics. But its definition can also be used for this Katong Laksa stall- The Original Katong Laksa.

The original Katong Laksa stall? Apparently yes though there are many disputes on the true original Katong Laksa. The popularity of Katong Laksa led to the establishment of at least three or four stalls in the same vicinity all trying to replicate the original's success. One was a former helper at this stall while the another is a family relative. And as seen on Makansutra Raw, the owners of these stalls are not exactly on friendly terms.

Laksa wars aside, I did enjoy the bowl of Katong Laksa ($3) here. The bowl contained the standard fishcake, beansprouts, prawns and thick bee hoon, topped with shredded Laksa leaves (Daun Kesom) and a dollop of chilli. What stood out was the gravy and chilli. The aromatic gravy had lots of coconut milk that gave it a creamy mouth feel. In addition, it also had this subtle sweet taste to it. A sweetness that I would relate to seafood.

But the gravy alone seemed to be lacking in something. That was solved when the chilli was stirred in. The chilli added oomph!

Oomph. Just what I need for the exam period now.

The Original Katong Laksa
#01-64/72 Roxy Square
50 East Coast Road
Opens: 8am – 7pm

Chew On This: Katong Laksa is eaten with a spoon to save the stall-owner costs on chopsticks as the bee hoon has been snipped into short strands.


Ted Lehmann said...

Happened on your blog and like it. Just a though...I haven't the slightest idea where the places you give the addresses to are. What state or country are they in? Looks neat. - Ted

The Hungry Cow said...

Ted Lehmann: Hi and thanks for saying hello! The places which I blog about are mainly in where I call home- Singapore. Some posts are also on Perth, after returning from a holiday there. Cheers.