Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Birthday

Here's a big Happy 50th to Auntie Petrina (not my real auntie but Jasmine's mum)!!

Got invited to her place together with the League and was really amused at her enthusiasm for Halloween decor. I mean it's not like she has been living for many years in the US. Halloween is not exactly part of Singaporean culture (ok, except maybe clubbing in costumes/outfits) but most don't decorate their homes with ghosts, coffin, skeletons, orange lighting, pseudo-cob webs, witch candy bowl, plastic spiders in the snack bowl etc etc. But I am glad she had so much fun!

Guess the skeleton is out of the closet.

There wasn't any ghoulish dress-ups nor trick-or-treating but the catered food, no matter how un-Halloween, was a treat, especially the laksa.

Laska is the perfect rainy Halloween party food! Hahaha.

Thanks for having us over, Major! I guess we all know how you'll look like at 50. Fabulous. :)

*Group pic courtesy of Neil

Jas' Home

Chew On This: According to her husband, Auntie Petrina is a cake hantu! 'C' is for Cake!

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