Friday, October 23, 2009

One Smashing Chicken!!

I realise that I still have lots to post on my Aussie trip! So I'll be inserting an entry or two about more local happenings between the Aussie ones...just so to have some balance. Haha.

It's an unusual place to blog about, much less recommend on radio, but it was where I recently had lunch with two good friends. And the Ayam Penyet (literally "chicken smashed") was fantastic!

The place? Singapore General Hospital.

Rahiman Chicken Rice serves up a mean Ayam Penyet ($5). The whole chicken thigh was lightly-battered and deep-fried till golden. Enjoying a freshly-fried one meant that the chicken meat was tender, fragrant and more importantly, hot! The crispy skin was a delight to munch on, with flavours of tumeric and salt.

The rice was flavoured with, what I guess to be, chicken stock, garlic and a bit of ginger.

What was more impressive was the potent sambal- spicy (make that very spicy!), tangy and so very shiok! A shame the Begerdil (potato cutlet) was dry-ish but at least the sambal perked it up.

Eyeing the Beef Ball Noodles ($4), I went for it after the Ayam Penyet. The soup was similar to that of Ayam Soto and the beef balls were a little too soft for me. The taste got a tad boring after a while. Edible but nothing memorable.

I'll rather have another order of the smashing chicken PLEASE. This is a rare moment for me but I have to admit. Chicken 1; Cow 0.

Hospital food's not bad at all! :p

Rahiman Chicken Rice
Stall 5
Kopitiam Food Court
Singapore General Hospital

Chew On This: Kopitiam blue card-holders enjoy a 10% discount here while SGH staff's purple card gets 20%! Time to make more friends with SGH staff. Lol!

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