Monday, October 19, 2009

Olio Bello

Ok, back to Margaret River!

Wineries weren't the only stop-overs we made in Margaret River....there's also Olio Bello.

Olio Bello sounds like a reference to 'oily belly'. But hey! If it's good quality monounsaturated fats with antioxidants (not to mention loads of flavour), the body will in fact benefit.

Olio Bello has a counter top with small bowls of their many different types of olive oils as well as nuts and spices. Small cubes of bread are provided to dip into them for a taste. With 14 varieties of olives on their farm, Olio Bello churns out a range of olive oils that range from fruity, light and mild to more intense, nutty ones. There are also some flavoured with chilli, citrus, rosemary and other herbs.

The Dukkah was also very nice and exotic-tasting. Essentially a Middle Eastern item, it boasts nuts, seeds and spices like cumin that are grounded into a mix for dipping breads or sprinkling over salads and marinates.

Since we don't have olive bush shrub trees in Singapore, I took a photo of one as a souvenir! It was also my first time seeing one. :D

Olio Bello
36 Armstrong Road
Cowaramup, Western Australia
Opens: 10am - 4.30pm

Chew On This:

This small vegetable patch outside the tasting room had huge leaves! See them juxtaposed with human thighs. Monster salad, anyone? Lol.

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