Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Lighter Style of Beef Noodles/Soup

Working fairly long hours for almost the whole of last week at Govware, I was unable to continue on the Aussie posts as planned. But no worries, I shall persevere!

Anyway, it's another one-post break to feature my pick for this week's 938LIVE's Foodie Lunch Pick. Pardon the photos, it was dark, I was very hungry and with very hungry friends.

After revisiting my 'Childhood Yong Tau Fu' last week, I was reminded of a beef noodle stall in the same market. This stall wasn't exactly my favouritest or my 'Childhood Beef Noodles' (both will go to Bugis Street Ngak Seah Beef Kway Teow) but I do enjoy its offerings and did eat it fairly often through childhood.

The Mixed Beef Noodles Dry ($3) had blanched thick bee hoon and beansprouts, topped with tripe, brisket, beef slices, beef balls etc blanketed in a smooth dark gravy. My favourite was the beef brisket- braised until tender and very flavourful.

Now for the soup version, Mixed Beef Soup ($3). The ingredients were kept the same as the dry version sans noodles and gravy. In place of the gravy, a relatively clear and light soup was used. The soup here wasn't intense or very cloudy but still had a nice light beefy taste. It feels almost like eating a beef version of bak kut teh...without the pepper punch.

Only available at lunch is the Curry Beef Noodles. Hmmm... Come to think of it, I have never tried this here. Anyway, I guess that's another reason for me to return.

Hwa Tong Kee Beef's
Bendemeer Market & Food Centre
Block 29 Bendemeer Road

Chew On This: An auntie mans the stall in the day while the uncle takes over at night. The difference? The uncle blasts evergreen classics from his radio! Over the years, it has sort of become his trademark. How's that for hawker dining with improved ambience? Hehe.

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