Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Balance Grocery: Tomorrow's Breakfast and Lunch

The osso bucco was browned on both sides then stewed in red wine with carrots, onions and later on, potatoes. It was gently bubbling on low heat for quite a while but sleepy me cranked up the heat hoping to cut short the time. Alas. I didn't keep a careful eye and the base on the stew got burnt! This left a bitterness to the stew. A real pity. :(

But life is about tasting the bitterness, eating up and gaining strength to start the new day, no?

Mum pan-fried some potatoes and made an omelette which was sandwiched between sliced bread. This later became lunch. And it was a good thing as it was quick, delicious and cheap! Saving us precious time to hop on to the next winery.

Forte Leeuwin Apartments
46 Wallcliffe Road
Margaret River
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