Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Walk in Kings Park

Day 2 started with an early breakfast at the hotel lobby (more on that in an akan datang post) before heading to Kings Park. The dude at the hotel reception did mention that it was a very nice place for a walk.

Singaporeans got take aeroplane to ang moh country to walk meh? Got! Lol. My family decided to check out Kings Park as it was just a 10-mintue drive away, FOC and it's always fun to experience a country's green lungs.

The first thing that greeted us was the distinct shape of the botak Bottle Tree. Don't they have unique-looking trunks?! For those who wanna see Bottle Trees in Singapore, there's always the two Bottle Tree Parks. :)

But what can't be found in Singapore and in such stunning beauty was the of sight wild flowers.

I don't know their names but we were awed by them!

Kids, don't try this at home. Trying to take a macro shot of a bee is scary stuff. This cow has been stung by hornets in the jungle before and know the agony they inflict! So after one or two attempts, I gave up on the buzzing creatures.

Ah ha! I spotted safer creatures. I crept up slowly. Inching my way bit by bit so that I could get a decent shot. LX3's 2.5x zoom not handy here man. :(

See? Those ducks look so cute and... delicious! Food blog lah, so must make some reference to food. Lol.

Family holiday must take family picture! Almost like Fantastic Four, no? Hehehehe.

It was a beautiful day. The green grass, brightly-cloured wild parrots, vividly-coloured flowers and occasional whift of eucalyptus was such a refreshing break from city life. Smell, see and feel the onset of Spring.

The view from Kings Park- Perth's CBD in the background and the Swan River on the right.

I couldn't help but to take a shot of this. I guess it reflects my love of double meanings, humour and a dash of sarcasm.

Kings Park

Chew On This: There are scheduled tours by guides (voluntuneers I think) who will take you around and share more about the park's history and plant info. If you're keen, do check with the visitor's centre for their timings. Else, it's great to take a little walk and explore!


eggtoast said...

hey bro moo, have u tried milking real cows? haha

my colleague jz came back from Perth and said the weather was freaky, with heavy rain and gusty wind... do take care ya..

Camemberu said...

omg these are some spectacular shots! the trees and flowers are gorgeous!

lol@ducks being pre-food!

The Hungry Cow said...

eggtoast: Yes! In da zoo when I was a kid. Lol. Weather-wise, it was slight showers but nothing as heavy as in S'pore. Thanks for the warning. :)

Camemberu: Thanks but I still think the camera cannot fully capture what the eyes see. Kings Park is a great nature place to go with your hubby and girls! :D