Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sushi Tei in September: Eating with a Heart!

I think most of us are familiar with Sushi Tei, the Japanese chain that prides itself in providing quality food at affordable prices, with good service. What would be good to know is that Sushi Tei is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a charity fundraiser. And all you have to do is just eat!

A "Sushi Tei Anniversary Menu" features five menu items, of which their full nett sales proceeds will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation and Home Nursing Foundation! Two charities benefit from your eating. Eat well.

This ends at the end of this month so hurry!

The Sashimi Salad ($9) had crisp lettuce with plump chunks of salmon, tuna and squid sashimi tossed in a Japanese sesame dressing. Tasted very light and fresh.

Crunchy Tuna ($9) was a favourite amongst the folks at our table. It was crunchy with a rather strong garlicky note and was paired with a chilli mayonnaise sauce. I'm not too sold on the flavours here but it seems to work for the majority.

The Tutti-Frutti Roll ($12) featured mango, honey dew, cucumber, strawberry and avocado drizzled with mayonnaise and topped with tobikko. I enjoyed this very fresh, luscious and healthy-tasting sushi roll. Sweet.

The very aptly-named Beauty Roll ($14) was a sushi roll of crabmeat with its top enveloped by a slice of avocado and then a sliver of collagen. The slight briny-sweetness of the crabmeat, creamy avocado and chewy collagen made for good eating. The girls lapped this one up eagerly. Beauty, I believe, should be on the inside. I happily reached out for more.

The ever-popular Soft Shell Crab ($10) was a little oily for my liking.

From the usual ala carte menu, we also tried the Shiretoko ($68), a mix of salmon, swordfish, seaurchin, tuna belly, yellow tail and sea bream. The slices were generally thick and fresh.

Other than the regular menu, Sushi Tei also has a Fusion Fiesta Promotion Menu. The following are some items from this selection.

Kimchi Hiyayakko ($6) was served slightly chilled with a simple pairing of organic tofu and kimchi. The kimchi was well-balanced with a good mixture of spicy, salty and tangy flavours.

This was the Unagi Kabayaki Tortilla ($6.50). Unfortunately the tortilla was too floury and dense, making it relatively bland.

The Pari Pari Ebi and Cheese Roll ($8) was a little like fried spring rolls topped with a mentaiko mayo. All this needs is an ice-cold mug of Asahi man!

For noodles, the Hiyashi Salmon & Ikura Goma Pasta ($14) was very light-tasting. I enjoyed the burst of flavour as I bit into each salmon roe. This dish featured pasta and was served chilled.

For something warmer, try the Ikasoma Pasta ($12). This squid ink pasta had a good bite (puts some of the pasta places to shame) and an inky sauce with subtle taste of squid ink. The toasted garlic flakes added a nice fragrance. The squid rings were muscular and nicely chewy but unfortunately had a slight ammonia smell. *inserts the sound of my dropping heart* Hopefully this was just a one-off.

But life is more than ammonia squid rings... there are sweet stuff too.

The Warabimochi Mix ($6) comes with both green and brown cubes of soft, jelly pleasure. As the brown ones were sold out, we only managed to try the green ones. I like the clean green tea flavour and that this was just slightly sweetened.

The Shiratama Zenzai ($3.80) was a comforting red bean soup with mochi balls.

There was also the very cute Taiyaki Ice Cream ($3.20).

Yukumi Daifuku ($3.20) are also available in different flavours. Thoughly frozen, it was a little hard so dentures please beware!

And for little ones, the Ice Ball ($3.20) with their many colours will grab their attention...

...while you enjoy your ice cream. Speaking of which, the imported ice cream had flavours that were pretty interesting!

My favourite was the Salt Ice Cream ($3.20). SALT. It had a salty, slightly sweet taste supported by a creamy mouthfeel. Yums!

The Nanko Ume Sorbet ($3.20) was a plum sorbet. Still prefer Salt.

The Wasabi Ice Cream ($3.20) was intriguing. They had somehow managed to take the heat off the wasabi! But I still prefer Salt.

Salty or sweet, life is flavourful... If we only stop for a moment and rush to take photos of caged animals count our blessings. Now play a role in helping to support the Children's Cancer Foundation and Home Nursing Foundation by eating! Yes, by eating the stuff from Sushi Tei's 5th Anniversary Menu.

Thanks to Maeva and Florence of Red Dawn Communications and Irene of Sushi Tei for the invitation and for hosting this hungry moo.

PS: It's great meeting the "Tampines One Alumni" again! :)

Sushi Tei
Tel: 6235 1771
Opens: 11.30am - 10pm daily

Chew On This: Sign up for the Sushi Tei membership card at $88 and receive a $100 dining voucher plus other privileges such as 10% discount off total bill, point redemption and regular updates etc. Loyalty gets rewarded.


Simply Life said...

Wow, all of those sushi rolls look SO good!

Unknown said...

I have the card. LOL....
It was a renewal from prev Sushi Tei JCB card, so it's cheaper. :-)

The Hungry Cow said...

Simply Life: And they taste good too! My favourites were the Beauty Roll and Tutti-frutti. :D

Keropok Man: Lucky you! Seems like JCB cards come with quite a few Japanese makan privileges.

poisonivy said...

the tutti frutti sushi is so good its been on my mind since i last had it for lunch ytd. sweet, sour, creamy, crunchy, starchy, cold....wat a delightful play on the palate! i wish they'll make it a permanent item!

The Hungry Cow said...

poisonivy: Yes! I like the combination and very fresh, sweet flavours too. Maybe you can request for it to be permanent and pray that many fans would do the same. :)