Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch On Board Singapore Airlines

Here comes the Aussie avalanche!

To kick it off, here's lunch on board Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Perth.

Feeling like a huge week of wining and dining was upon me, I opted for the vegetarian Spinach Tortellini Mornay with Tomato Basil Sauce. Pasta is probably not the best eaten in mid air, where it gets a little soggy and stodgy. Still as this was served hot, it was surprisingly palatable. The Potato and Tuna Salad appetiser was yums!

The other choice of Grilled Chicken with Supreme Sauce, Seasonal Vegetable and Potatoes fared worse. The chicken was tough and pretty tasteless. I have no idea what "Supreme sauce" was either. The only saving grace were the potatoes.

Vegetarian option 1; Meat option 0.

The other choice was Wok Fried Sliced Beef with Capsicum-Onion and Vegetable Fried Rice. This wasn't too bad. The beef was tender and had a tasty sauce. The fried rice was also relatively good (but forget about wok hei thousands of miles above ground). Still the spinach tortellinis rocked.

Vegetarian option 2: Meat option 0.

Singapore Airlines

Chew On This: This was my first time choosing the vegetarian option on board a flight! I also can't believe it. Lol.


red fir said...

Cows eat grass. :)

The Hungry Cow said...

ice: Yes! Munch, munch, munch. But this cow also a bit cannibalistic. :S