Monday, September 21, 2009

Ice Cream Madness!!

I'm back from Down Under and have lots to post up from my week-long trip there. But first, do let me blog about one or two more local entries before the Australian avalanche! :)

Ice cream fanatics should scream over the Ice Cream & Dessert Buffet ($18.90 for adults; $13.90 for kids 12 years and below) at Swensen's ION branch. Offering a dizzying 50 flavours of ice cream, gelato and sherbert, it should be heaven for those with a huge appetite for these cold treats!

And did I mention that there are also over 40 toppings and sauces?! Think nuts, rainbow rice, wafers, cookies, dried fruits, chocolate chips, cereals, fudge, waffles, mini pancakes etc etc.

I was happy to see this very nostalgic loaf of colourful bread. Reminds me of good ole potong ice cream served by old uncles along the Orchard belt.

More delights can be found in a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, strawberries and mini choux an array of about eight pies and cakes.

There's even a Chop Shop for those who like mixing-and-matching flavours and toppings over a chilled slate.

On a sugar high already?

Not-so-sweet-tooth me was glad there was savoury food.

The Oven Baked Basil Chicken ($15.90) was a juicy chicken thigh with fries and a side of salad. A slight pity the pesto was overwhelmed by the drizzling of mayonnaise over the chicken.

What I had enjoyed better was the Jumbo Seafood Pasta ($29.50), to be shared among 3-4 people or 1 hungry cow. This big bowl of spicy, lemak laksa gravy with prawns, fishcake, tau pok, boiled eggs and fried soft-shell crab was quite a lot of food in a bowl. The pasta (which I'm assuming to be spaghetti) didn't feel like pasta. Intriguingly, it was like thick bee hoon. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks here. But overall, this was quite enjoyable.

Swensen's still retains its charming coloured-glass lamps and decor which many will remember them for. Foodwise, its western and fusion dishes would probably appeal to families with kids and the elderly with their localised touches. Being certified halal, they would also attract the Muslim population.

With that said, Swensen's would probably be remembered for their Earthquakes and ice cream (especially before the dearth of local ice cream companies). Personally, I wouldn't run into Swenson's for western food.... Swensen's to me is still Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Crunchy Cone!

Thanks to Kaye and Shu Rin of McGallen & Bolden, and the Swensen's management for the invitation and for hosting this cow.

ION Orchard
Tel: 6884 5967

Chew On This: Swensen's celebrates 30th Anniversary with a 30% discount on all ala carte menu items during weekday lunch, 11am to 5pm, until 31st October 2009!

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