Monday, September 28, 2009

Childhood Yong Tau Foo

A quick break from the Aussie posts for this week Tuesday's lunch recommendation on 938LIVE's Foodie Lunch Pick.

Since I have posted on my childhood fish soup a while ago, I thought it was natural to continue to my childhood yong tau foo. (Maybe I should do a 'childhood series'!)

This stall has been here for donkey years and is still run by the same mother and daughter duo. These two ladies make their own fish paste and fish ball, and stuff their own yong tau foo items by hand! It's back-breaking work and it has literally taken a toll on their backs. Customers, won over by the delicious hand-made yong tau foo, have been loyal to this stall for years.

And it seems like nothing has changed much through the years... except for the small increases in price. Price change is inevitable. Alas.

During yesterday's lunch, I opted for kway teow soup and went on to pick my yong tau foo items (40 cents/piece). A pity quite a few items were already sold out. I ended up with a fried wanton, stuffed tofu, cured cuttlefish, fish paste roll, beansprouts and two servings of spinach!

The yong tau foo items were in general all very fresh. Special mention to the fried wanton- big, thick crispy skin that encased a tasty minced pork core. The soup was well-flavoured with ikan bilis while the sprinkling of fried shallots and salty tung cai (a Chinese preserved vegetable) enhanced the dish. I also enjoyed the spinach which was soft but not overly limp. It went well with the soup and made me feel very healthy with their vitamin A, B and iron boost.

The yong tau foo here is very simple and satisfying. It has that very rustic, homely feel which I like.

A pity their hand-made fish balls were sold out on this visit...but that just gives me another reason to an earlier time.

Healthy Yong Tau Fu
Bendemeer Market & Food Centre
Block 29 Bendemeer Road
Opens: Daily but closes once everything sells out, usually by about 2pm!

Chew On This: My parents ate here when they were pak tor-ing (dating)! And I am currently 25 years old. :D


Justin Pereira said...

Seems quite healthy! And haha, its great that the stall has been around for a long time.

BTW, linked!


The Hungry Cow said...

Justin Pereira: Yups. I like YTF for the almost virtuous feeling it gives me. Hehe. And long-time stalls tend to have more flavour. :P

Thanks for dropping by and for the link.