Monday, August 31, 2009

Rainy Day Comfort Food

It was raining cats and dogs (not much use since I don't eat both) yesterday afternoon and my instincts led me to search for something warm and nice.

Ok, I was actually on route to visit the Cold Storage International Wine Fair at Vivo City when dad suggested having Bak Kut Teh. The thought of hot, peppery soup instantly won me over.

The Long Pork Ribs ($7) were slightly fatty and also very tender. Each bite brought forth a sweet pork flavour that was supported by the very peppery, slightly herbal soup.

Alas. The you tiao (fried dough cruller) was sold out. But one knows that there are many other companions to Bak Kut Teh.

Tau Pok ($3) was one good example. The stack of spongy cushions of puffed soy beancurd tasted fresh and was delicious with a light soy sauce.

The Ter Kah ($6), or braised pork trotters, were a little tough but still made for good eating with the dark, spiced braising liquid spooned over steamed white rice.

Not wanting to go without vegetables, we ordered two- a preserved one and a fresh one.

The Preserved Salted Vegetables ($3) were soft and ended off on a sweet note. By itself, this was too sweet for my liking but when eaten after the meaty dishes, this salty-sweet provided a nice balance.

What would be my favourite dish for lunch that day was the Watercress ($3). It was my first time eating watercress cooked in Bak Kut Teh soup. Odd I thought, but delicious it was! The watercress imparted a sweet, vegetal note which tamed the peppery heat of the soup. This I would very happily order again. :)

For those who like intestines, them innards were also available.

More innards and organs. You can tell I'm not a huge fan of these. Biology on the table is quite a turn-off after all these years of Life Science. Hehe.

Oh before I forget. The Mee Suah ($1) is a good alternative complement to rice. Just eat it quickly as it absorbs soup really fast!

Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha
7 Keppel Road
(PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex)
Opens: 7am-3pm, 6pm-4am
Closed on Mondays

Chew On This: The 'teh' in Bak Kut Teh refers to tea. A pot of strong Chinese tea like Tie Guan Yin or Pu-Er works well to cut through the heavyness/oilness of the meal. Take your pick from the many choices they have here.


Elaine Ng. said...

ah this is my usual BKT haunt.. they've also got a good(but ex) sliced fish soup made with the same bkt soup base (:

HairyBerry said...

ahhh, i've been told about this bkt haven again and again already. good to know that it opens til 4 am. thanks for the info, dude!

Xiu Long Bao said...

This BKT place is just a stone's throw away from my office. Definitely one of my fave BKTs in SG.

The Hungry Cow said...

elaine: Fish soup with BKT soup base? Wow. I saw that on the menu but didn't try it. Will keep in mind the next time. Thanks for mentioning! =)

Nic (KHKL): You're most welcomed! Happy BKT suppering!

Xiu Long Bao: Cool! So convenient for you. It was the rain that brought me to this stall. Hahaha. I like the BKT at Founder's along Balestier too.