Friday, July 10, 2009

An Un-Singaporean Saturday

Yay! Photos can be posted on blogger once again and I'm ready to roll.

After TGIF, comes Saturday. A perfect day to sleep in, watch telly, laze at home with newspapers, chill out with friends, try a new recipe at home....everything but wake up at 7am to climb Bukit Timah Hill. (Oh yes. Laugh at it being labelled a 'hill' but it's still quite an effort especially on a Saturday.)

Anyway, after the morning trek, and after lunch, four wheels brought us to Mimolette- a place also unlike Singapore. How apt after an un-Singaporean morning activity on SATURDAY.

Ahh. Air-con comforts after the humid hill trek is a big welcome. Such urban creatures we are.

Feeling a little uneasy in my tummy, I heeded the advice of the SAF Medic and opted for Camomile Tea with Honey ($5) instead of coffee. Calming it is.

Since it was brunch after lunch for us, we ordered the Lemon Souffle Hotcakes ($14). The small pancakes were average and I could'nt quite taste any lemon but slap on some whipped cream, drizzle on maple syrup and add in a strawberry slice, it all went down deliciously.

We also shared a Scone ($3) which came with a small mound of whipped cream dotted with a variety of different berries. I love anti-oxidants. On the side was also a fresh-tasting blueberry jam and a tart orange marmalade. The scone itself was a tad dry for me but hey, that's what a hot cup of tea or coffee is for.

And finally giving in to the inner caveman's call for meat, we went with the Ox Tail Fettucini ($22). The sauce was very tasty- meaty, earthy, slightly sweet to lift the savoury-ness. The pieces of ox tail were fork-tender and accompanied the flat, fat strips of pasta well.

What a great way to spend Saturday...after climbing Bukit Timah Hill of course.

55 Fairway Drive
Tel: 6467 7748

Chew On This: After you're done eating, take a leisurely walk around and explore! There's lots to see...

Including strange people eating wild rambutans from trees.

There are many deserted single-storey buildings that have an old charm. Come night, I think it's a different thing. But before you try to barge into one of these buildings, take a peep through the window....

For you might discover a monitor lizard sun-bathing inside. And if there's a whole family of them.... *!@#$%^*

Probably safer to stick to the horses. Most importantly, take the time to explore and enjoy the afternoon wandering around an atypical Singapore landscape.

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