Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SLA @ Barossa!

After missing the previous Steak Lovers' Association (SLA) dinner, I was glad to have attended the most recent one at Barossa. It sounds a little primitive but there's nothing like a bunch of friends who gather over their favourite meat.

A set dinner was arranged for the SLA and so here's the story.

Dinner kicked off with a BIG bowl of Roasted Wild Mushroom Broth with Country Toast. It was hot, creamy and rich-tasting with sweet and earthy mushroomy notes.

The meat for the night was Roasted Stockyard Angus Prime Rib-Eye (250g), Baked Potato & Market Green. I was a little shocked to see my steak massacred into just 3 or 4 strips. But oh how lovely was each strip of beef. The execution was perfect. A nicely charred surface with pink-ish red interior. Each bite was slightly chewy and extremely flavourful with a rounded sweetness that was elevated by the crystals of coarse salt sprinkled over the steak. Certainly no beef about the beef here.

I was sad that with only 3 or 4 strips, the beefy moment I had so enjoyed was short-lived. Desserts came knocking.

The Baked Apple Tartine.

The Barossa Baked Alsaka was a lot of fun to watch with blueish flames that engulfed the white spikey ball. Fresh caramelization in the works.

Baked Belgium Waffle with Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

There was a butter pound cake too but it evaded my lens.

To unwind and lubricate social cohesion, we had wines. An Italian-dominated line-up in an Australian-named restaurant, enjoyed by folks from different countries. Uniquely rojak Singapore.

More lubricantssss.

Happy people at the end of dinner. Some had already left before we remembered we had forgotten to take a group photo.

Many thanks to Thomas for once again making this happen and to all fellow SLA-ers for their company. Thanks for trying my wines and hope you guys enjoyed them.

Esplanade Mall
Tel: 6534 5188

Chew On This: Cos Barossa does an excellent steak!


Unknown said...

I was chuckling when I read 'wild mushroom' again. hehe..

That angus prime rib eye looks so good! and also all the desserts!

Camemberu said...

Haha yeah, wild mushroom again! :D

So this is the steak that made the Cow jump over the moon! Looks sizzlelicious!

The Baked Alaska is so cute...I have never seen any in Singapore before. Must try!

lifeis2munch said...

ha, i think i will have to come and try the apple tartin along with all the deserts!

Yi Ling said...

omg the steak looked super good, it made me hungry lar! what's the price range there like?

The Hungry Cow said...

Keropok Man: Very sharp! I was chuckling to myself too when typing that. Haha. And yes, very good steak.

Camemberu: Yes yes yes yes yesssss... slurp!

Spikey white sugar ball of fire. Visually fun!

globe trotting foodie: Sounds like you're a dessert person! Hehe. For me, another serving of the steak would suffice as dessert! :D

yiLIng: I'm also drooling looking at the steak now. :)~~~

We had all the items listed in this post as part of a specially-arranged set dinner at $55/pax. Good to call to ask for ala carte pricing as they don't have a proper website with menu and prices.

Unknown said...

hi...can you tell us more about SLA?

The Hungry Cow said...

P. Chong: Hello! The SLA is an informal group of folks who meet up once a month on the excuse of having steak. We are actually less serious than the SLA sounds.

After meeting you at Ieat's tasting at Aston's Prime, I know you're one hardcore steak fan!

Everyone is welcome to join the SLA! Do drop me an email at should you be keen in joining us. Hope to meet you over some beef soon. :)