Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peaceful Bento Lunch Amidst the Madness

The Food Republic at Suntec City Mall scares me especially on Sundays at meal times. The queues and the throngs of people that cramp into that area is like watching arteries get clogged and an impending heart-attack happen. Hey, in fact my heart tends to beat faster by me just trying to make my way pass the area.

But thankfully there is an eye of calmness in every storm. And this was Hamoru Japanese Restaurant. We found a few empty seats at the sushi bar counter and promptly plonked ourselves down.

A wait staff offered us some complimentary green tea while we browsed the menu. I wanted to do a-moment-of-inner-peace thing.

Then the Bento B ($13.90) arrived. Consisting of salmon terriyaki, assorted tempura, agedashi tofu, rice and miso soup, this bento was plenty to eat. The salmon was nicely grilled over charcoal while the tempura prawn and veggies were decent with a thin batter coat.

We also had another bento- Bento C ($12.90). This one had saba, chicken terriyaki, chawan mushi, rice and miso soup. The saba was grilled simply with salt and had a nice smokey aroma. I liked the chicken terriyaki too, for it was tender and flavourful. The chawan mushi was smooth and eggy comfort.

And while you're at the bento, why not order some sashimi as well? We did and found the Shima Aji aka Yellowjack ($15) and Mekajiki aka Swordfish belly ($9) to be great! They were generously sliced, very fresh and sweet.

The Otoro ($12) was disappointing however. Little taste, stringy and without the fatty-ness that creates a flavour sensation in the mouth.

A somewhat bastardised Japanese food to try here is the Shiok!!! Maki ($15)! I'm serious. It comes with three exclaimation points after the word 'Shiok'.

The sushi roll is constructed with charcoal-grilled eel, avocado and rice wrapped with aburi-ed salmon and dressed with mayonnaise (and cheese?) and tobbiko. Put the whole thing into your mouth and it was SHIOK! Sweet. Creamy. Savoury. Briny. Smokey. Fresh. Luscious. Chomp chomp chomp.

I'm glad I gave this place a go instead of avoiding the whole food court crowd. In this case, empty seats does not mean bad food.

It's good I took those seats!

Hamoru Japanese Restaurant
Stall 1
Food Republic (Suntec City Branch)
Tel: 6820-8569

Chew On This: The other Food Republic at Wisma Atria has a Koh Grill & Sushi Bar which is also run by the same folks behind Hamoru. For the ladies out there, if you want an affable boyish-looking chef, Chef Patrick is based at Hamoru.


Camemberu said...

OMG the SHIOK!!! Maki looks and sounds delicious as sin! Dang I was just at Suntec today!

Unknown said...

It's like you never know if you don't try it! Haha.

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Just like a sloppy, sinful roti john- messy deliciousness! :D

Foodies Queen: Very true. But unfortunately not all tries end up worthy. :/ But if don't try then won't even know! Haha.