Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Dim Sum-mation

Just to round up the entire dim sum spree, I thought I would pen down some of my thoughts in bite-sized portions.

- Dim sum is something that most of us here have grown up with. Since young, the rounds of har gau, siew mai and chee cheong fun have been making their way into the tummies of kids via loving mothers. This I think has reserved a special place for dim sum in the hearts and minds (and stomachs) of people.

- Dim sum, like many Asian meals, is a communal eating experience. A tangible sense of kinship and relationship can be felt while enjoying dim sum with friends and family.

- Dim sum has evolved to include items that incorporate Western ingredients such as goose liver, truffle and even squid ink into paus and dumplings. While it does give a novel feel to dim sum, I personally feel that dim sum can hold its own without these fancy Western ingredients. Har gau and siew mai are dim sum favourites and will forever be.

- Dim sum- I have never eaten so much of it in this short space.

And perhaps anti-war messages should include "Spread the love. Share the dim sum." And for some, "Shut up and sit down...and eat your dim sum!"

I would like to especially thank Jackson and Danny of Cuisine & Wine Asia for having me in the dim sum feature and for their enjoyable company among the char siew paus and har gaus.

Chew On This: I think I will pluck off turfs of hair should I see another siew mai on my screen! Hahaha.


Rick Miller said...

Outstanding recognition for the delight that's dim sum. And clever writing, too.

The Hungry Cow said...

Rick Miller: That coming from a bigger dim sum fanatic than myself, thanks!