Friday, May 22, 2009

Dim Sum-ing at Peony Jade

The final destination of this dim sum madness was at Peony Jade, located at the Keppel Club (restaurants open to the public). It may be nested a little deep in from the main road but I guess that helps to burn more calories clear the mind and whet the appetite in anticipation of the meal ahead. After all, the bendy road lined with trees on both sides does add a certain charm.

And so, here's one for the road!

*Takes more than a deep breath*

Deep Fried Goose Liver & Prawn Ball with Almond Flakes had a nice crunchy exterior with an evident taste of the goose liver but the mouthfeel of springy prawns. Mmm...

Crispy Prawn Dumplings with Mayonnaise Cream were plump deep-fried wantons. Juicy and a great snack, albeit a wee bit big.

Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Pork and Shrimps aka hum sui kok made an appearance to much of Aroma Cookery's delight. Alas. After the stunning one at Man Fu Yuan, the ones here paled in comparison. The filling wasn't as tasty and the skin was less chewy and a tad too thick.

Deep Fried Filo Crusted Seafood Roll was a joy to crunch into. The light layers of pastry wires hid the prawns within.

The Deep Fried Taro with Assorted Meat sounded dodgy (think assorted meat) but it really is a fried yam ball with a filling of bits of what I thought was pork. This one came across as a bit dry (for the yam) and a little overpowering (for the pork) for my liking.

"Black Crystal Pau" anyone? The Peony Jade Steamed Crystal Minced Pork Dumpling does look very intriguing doesn't it? Apparently squid ink was used in the skin. Very interesting for dim sum.

Steamed Scallop Rice Flour Roll was also decent with fresh scallops in smooth sheets of cheong fun.

I found the Steamed Phoenix Feet in Sichuan Chilli Black Bean Sauce to be average with the chicken feet not having fully benefited from the marinate.

The Steamed Peony Jade Crystal Prawn Dumpling wasn't impressive either. The skin was sticky and poorly made.

Steamed Meat Dumpling with Fish Roe fared slightly better with its moist filling and meaty bite. This siew mai would appeal to those who prefer a stronger dried mushroom flavour.

The addition of snow peas to siew mai gave rise to the Steamed Butterfly Prawns. I enjoyed the extra crunch and vegetal sweetness that the snow peas added to the otherwise meaty siew mai.

The next item was rather exquisite. It's not everyday that we see an abalone topping a dim sum. The Steamed Mini Abalone Dumpling was an interesting mix of flavours and I particularly liked its greenish translucent skin.

Sadly, Peony Jade Barbecued Pork Bun was a turn-off for me. There was this gooey almost gel-like substance together with the char siew filling, inside the pau.

The Steamed Custard and Salted Yolk Pau was a delight! The pau skin was a little kueh-like with an alluring pandan fragrance. Like a good molten chocolate cake, this pau oozed a hot lava of salted yolk that was savoury and just lightly sweet. *Baby bib not included.

Time for dessert!

Chilled Avocado Puree with Ice Cream Served in a Whole Coconut was a soothing blend of smooth pureed avocado and ice cream. The bonus was the flesh of the coconut that could be scraped off with a spoon. Perfect way to end the tasting session here.

I would like to thank Noelle and Peiru of Sixth Sense Communications for hosting us and Jackson of Cuisine & Wine Asia for arranging this dim sum feature.

Peony Jade
Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road
Opens: 11am to 11pm Daily
Tel: 6276 9138

Chew On This: UOB and Citibank card-holders get 15% off ala carte items! Wine-lovers would be happy with the 12 wines by-the-glass to choose from to accompany your dim sum or Szechuan/Cantonese meal at Peony Jade! Oh and freshly brewed microbrewery beers are also available. Surprisingly good for a Chinese restaurant.

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