Monday, April 06, 2009

My Favourite Fish Ee Mee Soup

Whenever I am headed for Harbourfront on NEL, I find my feet leading me here. This is my favourite Fish Ee Mee Soup!

A bowl of Fish Ee Mee Soup ($3) plus rice (40 cents) is so satisfying. Yea I know the noodles and rice combination is a little strange. Anyone else eats any form of noodles with rice? Or maybe it's just mee.

Back to the bowl. The fish slices were just of the right thickness and sufficiently fresh. The veggies were wonderfully crunchy. The soup tasted delicious with the fish stock and fried-eggy flavours imparted by the Ee Mee. Oh man, throw in a few sliced red chilies, a dusting of white pepper, a splash of hua tiao jiu and some fried shallots and I was one very happy cow.

Ichiban Seafood Sliced Fish Soup
Seah Imm Food Centre
Opens: 8am till sold out (usually around 7pm)

Chew On This: Go green. Add 50 cents for more veggies! Crunch. crunch, crunch.


tim Soh said...

I do prawn mee soup with banana leaf nasi lemak....

Camemberu said...


The Hungry Cow said...

tim Soh: Yay! Another fan of the noodle with rice combination. Thanks for sharing.

Camemberu: That is a very STRONG statement. Fish soup stall owners be afraid. Be very afraid. :p

Unknown said...

I think you are not the only person who eats noodles with rice.

The other day, I saw a group of people all eating noodles and they called for rice. Then mix the rice into the noodles!

You could see that they are enjoying the food.

But me, I think I will eat it separately. :-p

The Hungry Cow said...

Keropok Man: Cool! The key lies in your 3rd long as one enjoys the food, I guess any combination is good! :)