Monday, April 27, 2009

Moo Moo Search Words

Here are some amusing search words that have apparently led people to this blog. My comments in brackets:

- "hungry cow restaurant" (a prophecy I hope!)
- "cow dong" (WTF!)
- "Michelle Chia breast" (*speechless*)
- "are brussel sprouts good for you?" (I would think so but the mussels and fries at Brussels Sprouts are yum!)
- "death by chocolate singapore" (sounds like a new cult already)
- "how hungry is a cow" (this one, very!)
- "how big is Hog's Breath plate" (good question but I don't go around measuring cutlery and plates)
- "how to milk a hungry cow" (EEKS!!)


Chew On This: Exams will be over in about 2 days! Freeeeeeedom.

Monday, April 13, 2009

3 Years and Many Moo to Come

Argh. I'm just minutes late and have missed 12th April by a whisker.

Anyway, by God's grace The Hungry Cow turns 3!! Thank you all for your support and wonderful companionship through these years. It has been moo pleasure.

A home dinner, cooked with the parents' love, with family and a few friends over lotus roots soup, steamed Chinese Pomfret!, braised mushrooms, steamed Chinese Pomfret!, fish maw, steamed Chinese Pomfret!, fried flower crabs, steamed Chinese Pomfret!, prawns, steamed Chinese Pomfret! and French beans, is heart (and stomach) warming.

Anyways, this blog has been inspired by many pioneers who have come before me. Chubby Hubby was the first food blog that I've visited and his pics and post have never failed to make me envious of his lifestyle drool.

Some Like It Haute oozes with personality and the other blog that I want to pay tribute to would be Recent Runes with his beautiful and often humourous posts. After a long period of being a ninja food blog reader, I finally took the plunge three years ago.

moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo

Chew On This: Over the past one year or so, many PR companies as well as food companies have been engaging food bloggers with invitations to product launches, food tasting etc. While I generally accept these invitations whenever my schedule permits, I certainly don't live or blog because of them. Otherwise, I would have quit after the 1st year of blogging. Haha. And as with all the rest of my posts, I post only things or experiences that I personally find to be relevant, good or memorable. It's about staying true to what I believe.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Oh yes. That dreaded four-letter word. This means The Hungry Cow would have to go on a tiny break. :/

Yeah, it sucks. But a cow has to do what a cow needs to do yea. IF I can squeeze in a bit of time, I shall do some short recollection posting (read: clear backlogs!). Hahaha. Till then, eat well. Stay well.

Weeee. Makankakis dinner is on my last day of exams. Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chocolate Macadamia I Scream

The fun-loving folks from Ben & Jerry's have just launched a new flavour- Chocolate Macadamia.

To be honest, I was expecting a wackier name. After all, Ben & Jerry's is known for flavours such as Chunky Monkey, Phish Food and Chubby Hubby. But despite wacky names, the flavours have been largely safe combinations. Think strawberries and cream; banana and nuts; chocolate, marshmallow and caramel etc.

Chocolate Macadamia is another safe, proven hit- chocolate and nuts! While I found the ice cream to be extremely creamy and full, I was hoping for a bigger dose of chocolate. It tasted very milky with a stronger dose of vanilla. What was a delight was the chocolate-coated balls (hidden in the above pic)! Whole macadamia nuts are individually coated with smooth chocolate. The "King of Nuts" are fresh and with a buttery flavour that is further enhanced by salt. So these chocolate balls have that rich chocolate-salty combination that is a good counterpoint to the sweet, creamy ice cream.


Besides satisfying the tongue, the heart is also warmed by the fact that the vanilla, cocoa and macadamia nuts that go into making this Chocolate Macadamia ice cream are products of Fair-trade. That means they are directly sourced from farmers (cutting away the middleman) and at a fair price. This is sustainable and beneficial to the farmers and their communities, sadly some of whom are being exploited by big corporations.

Eat with a heart, knowing that your support has contributed to the well-being and dignity of farmers and their families.

Double moo!!

Moving along, media in hands-on action packing their own pint of Ben & Jerry's. Though seemingly easy a task, I was a little lost behind the counter. It felt different being on the other side of the fence ice cream counter for the first time. Good thing the friendly Ben & Jerry's crew were on hand to guide me. When the crew asked me to "use the spade to compact the ice cream", I literally looked to the floor! Hahaha.

So noob I know. Anyway the "spade" referred to a flatten metal tool used to compact ice cream into the pint, so one could get more ice cream in there.

It was a fun virgin experience packing my own pint of Ben & Jerry's! I have certainly a new-found respect for the counter crew. *Salutes*

Triple moo!!!

Thanks to Moe Moe and Malvina of Bates141 for the invitation and Benjamin of Ben & Jerry's for hosting us.

Ooo...I see a sexy cow.

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop
Vivocity (various other outlets)
Tel: 6376 9917

Chew On This:
In this month of April every year, fans of Ben & Jerry's would know that a free treat is coming right up! Yes folks, it's Free Cone Day!! Happening 21st April, 12noon till 7pm at their Scoop Shops in Great World City, Raffles City, Vivocity, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, The Cathay and United Square.

Monday, April 06, 2009

My Favourite Fish Ee Mee Soup

Whenever I am headed for Harbourfront on NEL, I find my feet leading me here. This is my favourite Fish Ee Mee Soup!

A bowl of Fish Ee Mee Soup ($3) plus rice (40 cents) is so satisfying. Yea I know the noodles and rice combination is a little strange. Anyone else eats any form of noodles with rice? Or maybe it's just mee.

Back to the bowl. The fish slices were just of the right thickness and sufficiently fresh. The veggies were wonderfully crunchy. The soup tasted delicious with the fish stock and fried-eggy flavours imparted by the Ee Mee. Oh man, throw in a few sliced red chilies, a dusting of white pepper, a splash of hua tiao jiu and some fried shallots and I was one very happy cow.

Ichiban Seafood Sliced Fish Soup
Seah Imm Food Centre
Opens: 8am till sold out (usually around 7pm)

Chew On This: Go green. Add 50 cents for more veggies! Crunch. crunch, crunch.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ladyironchef's Outing @ Persimmon

East meets Wests. Ching Chong meets Billy Bong. Fusion food has been a touchy subject for a long while. Purist would frown with disapproval while the more adventurous would hail the 'marrying of both worlds'.

While I may not know much or have had much experience with fusion food, I certainly can taste and know if I like a particular thing or not. Personally, it's not so much about authenticity, originality, fusion or not. It's about liking what I eat.

Call it simplicity but I rather treat each dish in its entity. Learning about the origins, what insipirations it was based on etc is good as it enhances the appreciation of the work that has gone behind the dish. But when it is in my mouth, taste dominates. Do I like it or not?

So with that in mind and with my first Standard Chartered Full Marathon just the next day, this cow trotted down to Persimmon- the venue of Ladyironchef's December 2008 outing.

Saturday lunch started with the Mushroom Soup with Hsao Xing Cream. The soup was not bad with earthy notes but what was interesting was the Hsao Xing Cream. Being a big fan of Hsao Xing or Hua Tiao Jiu (Chinese cooking wine) in my food, I loved the Hsao Xing cream. It was light, creamy and with the distinct clean, floral punch of the cooking wine.

Pretty interesting start I say!

Bread was available and I was happy to load up on these. (Carbo-loading for marathon mah.) But the foccacia was too dense which made chewing a workout! I always knew chewing was great excercise.

This plate consisted of the Hainanese Chicken Salad (in the background) and the White Pepper Crabcake with Mango Salsa (in the foreground). The former was essentially a green salad with poached chicken shreds and tossed in a fragrant soy-and-sesame-oil-based dressing. Now imagine having the flavours of chicken rice in salad, sans the chilli sauce. I thought it was a combination that worked! The rice crisp provided some more crunch and texture.

The latter had a moist inner ball of crab meat that was spiced with white pepper. This was apparently inspired by white pepper crabs. The mango salsa added some sweetness to this. Yums.

But the Kong Bak Pau was a let-down. Rather lean and dry, it proved disappointing. Even a dab of mustard failed to save this dish.

The Curry Chicken was decent and I went back for seconds and thirds. Not because it was outstanding but rather I needed to carbo-load on them potatoes. The Prata was crisp and I suspect to be of the frozen variety but while it may not be able to beat the prata shop's version, it was certainly still tasty. Worried about running a marathon fueled on curry (if only I had Indian blood!), I scaled back on the gravy.

There was also Rojak which I didn't try as I tried to cut back on fibre. Run light I was told.

More carbs! Yay!! The Linguine Laksa Pesto had fairly fresh clams and prawn but was rather heavy a dish. The Eight Treasures Risotto sounded intriguing but fell flat. I didn't take to its mushy texture nor its uninspiring taste.

Here's a whole load of smaller dishes on one plate. The yellow custard thingy at the back was actually Otak Creme Brulee. O-what??! Yea, Otak Creme Brulee. Lightly caramelised at the top, the squishy spiced fish custard was weakly spiced, over-lemak and had small chunks of dory fish within.

To its right was the Slow Poached Salmon in Green Curry. Exotic-sounding, no? I found the oily fish out of sync with the green curry.

And finally in the foreground we had the Grilled Ribeye with Balsamic Chye Tao Kway. Bah-what??! Yea, Balsamic Chye Tao Kway. The beef was a tad too sweet (in the sugar sense unfortunately) and tenderised. The Balsamic Chye Tao Kway was funky alright! The acid was so sharp it made me sit up straight.

There was a spread of desserts which I didn't really sample. Was still suffering from palate shock. Lol.

Overall, I found the food interesting though I think Persimmon should work towards flavour harmony over contrast. A number of the dishes really confused my taste buds, not in a teasing way but such that the flavours just didn't come together right.

I certainly am happy to have given it a shot. Those whose taste buds are jaded and are looking for oriental/local touches in Western dishes should check Persimmon out.

I shall not confuse my personal preference with the efforts that have gone behind this lunch. So thanks to Ladyironchef for organising and Sharon & Helena of Persimmon for hosting us!

Group picture credit to Ladyironchef.

Glad to have met Jaime-La-Nourriture, Evan's Kitchen Ramblings, Alice and Ee Ling who were all seated at the same table.

By the way, Persimmon now offers a very affordable ala carte weekday buffet lunch at $20nett and dinner at $25nett! Just add another $5 for weekend buffets. This is a good way to try their food. I see some interesting new items for the buffet. Pork Rib Soto or Prawn and Bamboo Shoot Ravioli with Tom Yum Sauce anyone?

Check out Black Tie White Lie's more recent visit here.

The Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Tel: 6227 2271

Chew On This:

Is this persimmon real or fake?