Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Katong Laksa

There seems to be a certain pattern in some areas here in Singapore, whereby a particular locale is associated with a particular food. Balestier-Bak Kut Teh/Tau Sar Piah? Geylang-Durians/Frog Porridge?

Katong? Laksa would probably come to mind.

There are more than one stall selling Katong Laksa around the vicinity but I decided on 328 Katong Laksa as I had heard good things about them. And besides, they seem to have attracted a lot of local and foreign celebrities including Anthony Bourdain, KF Seetoh, Jacky Wu and gang etc. This cow is no celebrity but no hum harm seeing what the fuss is about yea.

The Laksa ($3) here was good. Short strands of thick bee hoon soaked happily in the creamy gravy that oozed a gentle mixture of spices and coconut sweetness. Now, add and stir in a dollop of the chilli paste and the Laksa transforms into a spicier creature with more depth. I opted to leave out the cockles so the rest of the accompanying items were bean sprouts, fish cake and smallish prawns.

Another good thing to try here is the Otah (~$1). The spicy fish paste had firm slivers of fish meat embedded within the paste and was nicely spicy!

To cool things off, order the Iced Barley ($1).

Now, if only there were plenty of tau pok (fried tofu puffs) to soak up that beautiful gravy...

328 Katong Laksa
53 East Coast Road (other various branches)

Chew On It: Katong Laksa is usually served and eaten with just a spoon. Chopsticks are not needed as the bee hoon strands have already been snipped short.


Anonymous said...

there's another place selling even more shiok otah nearby, along joo chiat road - nam san mackeral otah. its an entire shop (not stall) selling just 1 thing - otah, which speaks volume about the quality you can expect! :)

The Hungry Cow said...

poisonivy: I agree! They use good fish and quality spices. :)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the laksa stall opposite 328 is better (they use more heh bee for the gravy).

The lady boss of 328 does better marketing + she enters those competition held by Mediacorp (to gain fame) + an air conditioned unit (ppl usually become hot after the spicy food & SG is rather hot) + even installing Japanese words on their signage to attract foreigners. Wherelse the opp. stall is rather plain & conventional. They have some pictures taken with celebrities too.

How do i know? I have been staying at katong for 20 over years. *Winks~*

Food Lover

The Hungry Cow said...

Food Lover: Hello and thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out the next time I'm in the area. :)

JeremyC said...

I was immediately taken with 328 Katong Laksa because there is no menu. The boss man just asks if you want "with mussels", "With fish" or plain (although "plain" hardly does justice to the creamy, tangy, coconut flavored delight that is served). In the air-conditioned comfort of the back room, I tried all three variants and I was equally impressed with each of them.

The Lady Boss is Lucy Koh, who did indeed win the Classic Mrs Singapore Globe contest in 2006. Lucy and her husband are wonderful hosts who just want you to enjoy their laksa. They are gregarious and friendly. This is a place where you can spend less than 5 SGD on dinner and feel like a king.

The walls of their restaurant are filled with photos of celebrities from Hong Kong, where the reputation of this simple but fine restaurant is already well-known.

The Hungry Cow said...

JeremyC: Thanks for the comment though I didn't get to experience feeling like a king.