Monday, March 30, 2009

Bakerzin Lunch

The Sunday Times (Lifestyle) yesterday had 2 full pages of set lunches that are around $15, with some even breaking the $10 barrier! This is certainly good news.

Though Bakerzin was not featured in those 2 pages, I had a set lunch ($13.80) there that offered very good value. In fact, it's an all-day set menu so you could even have this for dinner!

Part 1 of Set Lunch: Unlimited servings of home-made bread! I like the fact that the breads were pre-sliced (so no fear of unhygienic, grubby, ungloved hands of the previous customer) and that there was a toaster to inject some love and warmth into the slices.

Part 2 of Set Lunch: Soup of the Day, which was corn soup on my visit. Grainy and sweet with just a swirl of cream, it was enjoyable though a little one dimensional.

Part 3 of Set Lunch: Main Course choices included Tomato & Cheese Bruschetta, Curry Linguini, Ham, Bacon & Mushroom Flaky Pizza etc. I opted for the Spaghetti Bolognaise which was a generous portion. The pasta could have been just a wee bit firmer but compared to many other mid-priced restaurants and cafes, their doneness was really commendable.

The sauce tasted mild with tomato sauce and a faint beefy flavour. Personally, I would have preferred a more robust sauce. The fresh basil a nice refreshing touch when shredded and mixed into the pasta. Overall, not bad.

Part 4 of Set Lunch (no picure): Choice of Iced Tea (lemon, peach, mango etc) or Iced Italian Soda (blood orange, passion fruit, blueberry, strawberry etc). Sis likes their soda so so opted for the passion fruit flavour. I didn't try this though.

For ala carte items, the Summer Salad ($10.80) was delicious! A mesculun salad featuring rocket, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, asparagus and corn kernels was tossed in an olive oil dressing and sprinkled with chopped almonds for added texture. The whole mix was crunchy, fresh and well-balanced.

Otah on bread is not a new thing and Bakerzin's Otah Bruschetta ($9.80) rides on this proven combination. Crusty ciabatta was used as the base and topped with a spicy otah paste. The otah tasted fresh, aromatic and had bits of fish embedded within.

Surprisingly, we didn't order dessert! Maybe it's my IPPT that is just in a few days. Eeks.

Suntec City Mall (various other branches)
Tel: 6338 4656

Chew On This: For the month of March (which is ending), Bakerzin is offering a 50% discount off their Cookies & Cream Cheesecake! Look out and do enquire for the April promotion.


FoodieGymmie said...

i see tt! but u took nicer pictures than me... lol.

im glad i did not order the Tomato & Cheese Bruschetta, it looks like something i can whip up myself. :P

The Hungry Cow said...

FoodieGymmie: I'm sure you'll take equally good pics if you did not use the camera phone! :)

True. Seems like simple tomato & cheese toast. Hehe.

Peishan Y. said...

Was there with jen once and if i didn't remember wrongly, we paid abt the same price for their set dinner! Cant remember which main course i had but loved the strawberry soda (: Overall, found it fairly value for $$

The Hungry Cow said...

Peishan Y.: Yea, think you've confirmed it's an all-day set menu! Thanks. Girls seem to love their sodas....hmm.... :p