Thursday, February 26, 2009

Steak Lovers' Association @ Hog's Breath Cafe

Even when ValenWine loomed and work was piling up, my tired soul craved steak. That's why I'm thankful for the monthly Steak Lovers' Dinner.

A good dose of bovine protein and iron would do good to boost energy levels, no?

My dinner option was simple- Natural Prime Rib ($34 for ~250g). No starters, no desserts. Just beef with a glass of iced water. But you suspected I wouldn't settle for 250g yea? And so yes, like MacDonald's favourite option, I opted to upsize it to the Mega Cut (additional $9 to "upgrade" to ~400g).

The simplicity of this dish was great. The beef was succulent and with the flavour of slight charred-ness on its skirting matching the gentle sweetness of the meat. Bits of fats were marbled along some parts, providing extra tenderness and flavour.

Ok, it was perhaps more like a roast than a steak but it was still delicious. The salad provided a refreshing landscape but the baked potato, perhaps mirroring the current economic outlook, was of a pathetic size.

Hog's Breath Cafe
#01-26/27 CHIJMES
Tel: 6338 1387
Opens: 11.30am to Midnight daily. (last order at 10.30pm)

Chew On This: My last visit to Hog's Breath Cafe was quite some time ago at their Holland Village branch. Then, the food was below average. I heard that the CHIJMES branch is a better bet but not being a frequent Hog's Breather, I can't ascertain this. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't really bother about Hog's Breath cafe here in singapore. It's just not same. Food made without love or passion? What more can I say? You are lucky. But if you do a search almost everyone's complaining about something of them.

The Hungry Cow said...

Anonymous: Hey, thanks for your comment. I didnt particularly enjoy my first Hog's Breath experience at Holland Village years back. But this visit at CHIJMES was much, much better. Maybe I am lucky.