Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sultan Kebab

The recent week or so has been crazy and as ValenWine approaches in less than one month's time, things are probably going to get even busier and more exciting. Hehe.

So with little time on hand, I appreciate places like Sultan Kebab where deciding on what to eat is pretty quick and the food, simple and delicious.

Step 1: Choose either Chicken or Beef
Step 2: Choose either Sandwich, Roll, Rice or Iskender
Step 3: Pay at cashier and be seated.

The Chicken option featured heaped slivers of juicy chicken meat that were carved off a tall rotating spit. The chicken was just slightly spicy and balanced with a squirt of mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. Shredded lettuce added some crunch and fibre. This was repeated in all the Chicken Option, be it Roll, Rice, Sandwich or Iskender.

Here's the Roll Chicken ($5.50). A warm flour tortilla wrapped the above mentioned chicken. I enjoyed the thin but chewy tortilla.

For those who prefer a baguette instead, opt for the Sandwich Chicken ($5.50).

And for those who need/want more carbo, choose Rice Chicken ($7.50)! The rice here had a grainy and firmer texture than most of the rice commonly eaten in Singapore and seemed more moist/wet. It also had a more pronounced salty taste compared to plain steamed rice. I'm guessing they parboil their rice, drain it in a colander and cover the top with a plate to let the steam erm steam it.

Or I might have just been watching one too many Jamie Oliver. Haha.

As a post-meal snack or dessert, remember to grab a cone of kacang puteh from the friendly old Indian uncle just outside Sultan Kebab. Having been there for yearsssssss, he's become sort of an icon there already.

Ok I gotta scoot off now. Have a great week!

Sultan Kebab
Peace Centre
Tel: 6338 8750
Opens: 11am to 9pm

Chew On This: If you're wondering why didn't this hungry cow try the beef... that's because after 3-4pm, only chicken is available! So yea, I should head down earlier the next time.


yixiaooo said...

i have always wanted to trythis place.. but never managed to do so despite being in smu for 4 years. what irony.

red fir said...

"If you're wondering why didn't this hungry cow try the beef..." yeah I was wondering why too. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite kebab shop, beat all the other Kebab Station (at both Parkway Parade and East Coast Park) hands down. Cheap and good. And you don't know what you have missed - the BEEF Kebab is the best!! Of course you would have figured that out by now judging that it's the first to sell out. Once you try the beef, you wouldn't rave the chicken like you did :-)


The Hungry Cow said...

yixiaooo: Similarly, people somehow are surprised that I don't really know the foodie places around Boon Lay after 3 years in NTU! Hehe.

ice: I haven't abandon my beliefs in cow-beef cannibalism....yet. Lol. I was kinda disappointed too that beef was sold out when I popped by.

LS: Looks like I have to return to try the beef!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is the dirtiest place I have ever eaten at in Singapore. While I
was waiting for my kebab, I seen a cockroach crawling around. A friend of mine found a facial hair in his kebab, well enough said. This place should be on dirties kitchen show. Also beef and chicken
is mixed with PORK, so there is NOTHING HALAL about it. If it were HALAL, then were please is the HALAL certificate?? 3 months ago
they almost got shut down when 4 people got a food poisoning. They use
the chicken from the previous day and heat up for resale the next day. Chicken and beef is mixed up with pork to maximize the volume and create a bigger profit because PORK is cheaper. You want to see it for yourself?? Go there between 7-8 in the morning and see them preparing it:).
On a separate note, both of the guys talk a lot of crap with their broken Turkish accent screwed up English. I dont patronize
them anymore. If you like real turkish food, just go to "Sofra" on
beach road. My malay friends, please dont eat there, it is NOT HALAL. Always look for the HALAL sign. They pretend to be muslims but they dont care about anything but profit! They feed the public pork and food from previous days!

Anonymous said...
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The Hungry Cow said...

James: Hi there. Please keep your comments (good and bad ones) to the food and refrain from making personal insults and name-calling.

annie said...

Hi The Hungry Cow, I've just been recommended to try the kebab. Any idea if they have Halal Cert? :) Thanks!

The Hungry Cow said...

Hi Annie, sorry I can't remember if they do have a Halal Cert. You might want to call them and enquire before heading down? Cheers. :)