Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Moo Year!

Guess whose year it is? Hahaha.

The Hungry Cow wishes you good health, prosperity, happiness and moooo-re delicious food! Huat ah!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sultan Kebab

The recent week or so has been crazy and as ValenWine approaches in less than one month's time, things are probably going to get even busier and more exciting. Hehe.

So with little time on hand, I appreciate places like Sultan Kebab where deciding on what to eat is pretty quick and the food, simple and delicious.

Step 1: Choose either Chicken or Beef
Step 2: Choose either Sandwich, Roll, Rice or Iskender
Step 3: Pay at cashier and be seated.

The Chicken option featured heaped slivers of juicy chicken meat that were carved off a tall rotating spit. The chicken was just slightly spicy and balanced with a squirt of mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. Shredded lettuce added some crunch and fibre. This was repeated in all the Chicken Option, be it Roll, Rice, Sandwich or Iskender.

Here's the Roll Chicken ($5.50). A warm flour tortilla wrapped the above mentioned chicken. I enjoyed the thin but chewy tortilla.

For those who prefer a baguette instead, opt for the Sandwich Chicken ($5.50).

And for those who need/want more carbo, choose Rice Chicken ($7.50)! The rice here had a grainy and firmer texture than most of the rice commonly eaten in Singapore and seemed more moist/wet. It also had a more pronounced salty taste compared to plain steamed rice. I'm guessing they parboil their rice, drain it in a colander and cover the top with a plate to let the steam erm steam it.

Or I might have just been watching one too many Jamie Oliver. Haha.

As a post-meal snack or dessert, remember to grab a cone of kacang puteh from the friendly old Indian uncle just outside Sultan Kebab. Having been there for yearsssssss, he's become sort of an icon there already.

Ok I gotta scoot off now. Have a great week!

Sultan Kebab
Peace Centre
Tel: 6338 8750
Opens: 11am to 9pm

Chew On This: If you're wondering why didn't this hungry cow try the beef... that's because after 3-4pm, only chicken is available! So yea, I should head down earlier the next time.

Friday, January 09, 2009 Charity Drive

I've received an email informing me of a Charity Drive that has been put together by and supported by Mimolette, Mad Jack Cafe, Wild Rocket and Relish.

Along with, each of the above mentioned establishments will donate $2 for each review done on That's $10 to the Make A Wish Foundation for every review! The money goes to fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

It's heartening to know that in the face of bad economic times, organisations and establishments band together to contribute towards charity.

More details on this charity drive can be found here. sure brings back fond memories for me.

Chew On This: For those who wish to support this cause, act quickly as this charity drive ends on 31st January!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Porridge Buffet Lunch

After soups, I bet porridge is also one of those comforting foods for many. Warm liquid rice sure settles better in the tummy than steamed rice.

The lunch buffet ($9.80 nett on weekdays, $12.80 nett on weekends & public holidays) spread here offers a good variety of food. The above was just a portion of what was available. There was much more but I was really hungry. Classic porridge condiments like salted duck egg, fermented beancurd, braised peanuts, preserved vegetables and pork floss were a plenty. Other dishes included stir-fried chicken with bell peppers, seafood stir-fry, char siew, roast chicken, lup cheong omelette, steamed egg, fried fish, stewed pork belly etc etc.

While most dishes were just alright ( but the hae chor was horrible!), the roast chicken stood out. Tender and just flavoured with soy sauce and a bit of salt.

I also enjoyed the fried fish. Though it would have been better if pipping hot, there's still something about eating fried fish using one's fingers. Slap on some kick-ass balachan and it would have been like grandma's.

And there's also kway chap. I requested to do without the innards so fret not innards fans. They are available. The sheets of flour had a good bite and the accompanying liquid was tasty.

For desserts, there were a selection of cut fruits, some kueh, cakes, bobo cha cha and tau suan. Both the bobo cha cha and tau suan were not too sweet and quite enjoyable.

1st Floor
Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Tel: 6825 2062
Porridge Buffet Lunch: Mondays to Fridays- 11am to 3pm
: Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays- 11am to 4pm

Chew On This: The porridge buffet is only available for lunch. For dinner, a steamboat buffet steps in.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tetsu Christmas Menu

Firstly, Happy New Year folks!! May 2009 be full of joy, good health, love and prosperity for you. 2008 has been like a roller-coaster and they say 2009 will be worst. But let's keep the good faith. I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand.

Christmas seemed to have come and gone really quickly and people are already preparing to usher in the Chinese New Year. But wait. Technically with the 12 days of Christmas, the jolly season is not yet over...though this Christmas Menu is unfortunately no longer available.

Tetsu rolled out a Christmas Menu that was available for both lunch and dinner. At $58++, here's what to expect:

A starting trio of Kani Tofu, Swordfish Tataki and Sake Namazuke (salmon with vinegar). The Kani Tofu was as good as the last time I had tried it. An explosion of flavours from the century egg, tofu, spring onions and tobiko. The Swordfish Tataki with its tangy dressing was also appetite-boosting. As for the Sake Namazuke, I didn't quite take to its soggy texture and hidden bones.

Next up came the Sashimi Moriwase featuring fresh Maguro(tuna), Hamachi(Yellowtail) and Salmon Belly. I particularly enjoyed the creamy Salmon Belly.

The Gindara Sukiyaki came with two thick slices of cod, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables. The light soyu based broth was perfect for the delicious oily fish but don't wait too long to slurp it up as it'll get more salty towards the end.

Rosu Katsu with Ebi Katsu showcase Tetsu's specialties. Unlike when I had first tasted the Rosu Katsu and found it to be overwhelmingly peppered, the version now was much better. Juicy and flavourful meat with an exterior of rough golden crumbs. The Ebi Katsu was also good. With a squeeze of lemon and a dip into the Katsu sauce with ground sesame seeds, these deep-fried goodies were yum! Oh and don't shove the tiny mound of salad away. With a sesame dressing, it was delicious and provided a green veggie relief from the meat.

While most would have waved the white flag by now, I was more than happy to see the Garlic Fried Rice. No rice, how can?! Haha. Yea, I'm quite a rice person. Anyway, the Garlic Fried Rice was fragrant with the aroma of fried garlic and the corn kernels and chopped spring onions gave it a fresh bite.

To help cleanse the palate, Chef Kent served up a small dish of pickled raddish. This was such a welcome! It was clean, slightly acidic and sweet with a crunchy texture. The shavings of yuzu also added a burst of refreshing, citrusy dimension. If this doesn't refresh the palate and help prepare for more food, I don't know what will. =)

I can't remember the exact name of this dish or its price as it was ordered off the ala carte menu and separate from the Christmas Menu. A large prawn was tempura-ed then placed with lettuce and wrapped with sushi rice. Tobiko topped the sliced sushi roll which was also drizzled with mayonnaise. I like the fleshy prawn and this whole tempura prawn sushi roll works.

To end off the meal, we were served a scoop of Goma ice-cream. Creamy and rich with the taste of (toasted?) black sesame seeds, this was a good ending. And hey, no small ice crystals this time.

I'm glad Tetsu seemed to have improved from my previous visit. With their first year anniversary coming up, I think they have ironed out the kinks. Thanks to Racheal of Beam Consultants, Chef Kent and Jason of Tetsu for the invitation and hosting us.

#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6836 3112
Opens: 11.30am - 3pm (Lunch)
: 6pm - 10pm (Dinner)

Chew On This: Even though the Christmas Menu is no longer available, most of the above dishes can be found in their menu. Or if something's unavailable, there's always special request!