Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After big meals and periods of feasting, it is most often soups that I turn to for comfort. Cantonese soups prepared at home are great. But sometimes my body hungers for equally-comforting creamy, thick Western-style soups. It is at times like these that I head to Cedele.

Alas. The Suntec City outlet has now been replaced by Spinelli. !@#$%. Thankfully I found another soup store which has taken over the unit that was formerly Ben & Jerry's.

Souperlicious sounds cute and promising.

I opted for the Beefy Goulash ($6.50 for regular size) and added $3.90 to make it a Souper Sandwich Combo, which gave me my choice of Half Sandwich and Ice Lemon/Peach Tea.

The Beefy Goulash was a thick stew with soft carrots and tender beef cubes. Opt for sour cream to be added into the stew to enrich it further. The stew had a nice earthy sweetness from paprika though I found it to end off a tad salty. The half sandwich, Cheezy Tuna Melt, was ordinary with insipid focaccia bread and commercial-tasting cheese sauce. The round corn chips that came with it was excellent to munch on and dip into the stew!

Dad took the Shroomy Mushroom ($6.50 for regular size) and scooped the bowl clean. My Cantonese dad generally prefers Chinese food and steers away from cheesy, creamy dishes. So I think the Shroomy Mushroom did well. A few spoonfuls from his bowl made me understand why it was polished clean. Creamy without being heavy. Light without being bland. Fungi sweetness without being overbearing.

Souperlicious indeed.

Suntec City Mall (opposite Carrefour)

Chew On This: Ask for your Souper Card and get a stamp with every $5 purchase. Free goodies like Ice Lemon Tea, SouperCombo Upgrades and Regular Bowl of Soup when you hit certain points.


red fir said...

This looks suspiciously like Soup Spoon! How does it compare?

Unknown said...

Hi Hungry Cow,
I do agree with Ice....Souperlicious is like a carbon copy of Soup Spoon.(everything from everything:concept,food menu ,and even their loyalty card!....)BUT IMHO well i kinde of feel Soup Spoon is way better,soup taste more superior and more robust.Never scrawny with their ingredients as you just need to dig in into the soup.The rest is up to you to judge...(btw,I am not working for them ,just my own honest opinion)

personally ,will prefer a place with more originality rather than being a copy of others...

The Hungry Cow said...

ice & ivy: Hello! Being more of a Cedele fan, I cant quite compare Souperlicious directly to Soup Spoon better than a Soup Spoon regular. If Souperlicious has copied the concept etc, I guess it's a compliment to Soup Spoon. Originality aside, when Im in Suntec and crave for soup, I rather have it at Souperlicious than walk to Cedele/Soup Spoon at Raffles City. Such lazy-ness I know. Haha. Thanks for your comments and I'll be more observant the next time Im at Soup Spoon. =)

Michelle said...

Lucky you, I bought a chicken corn chowder from Souperlicious' OUB Centre branch and there were many chunks of flour in the soup. It was a horrigible experience :(
p.s. the price stated on the menu excluded gst so after i finished digging out my coins wanting to pay the exact amount and was told that it wasn't enough i was quite pissed off. still piqued about it now!